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Seven Benefits of Networking and Reciprocity Networking is a term that always comes up at school or work. What is all the hype about networking and why is it so important that everyone talks about it?

Well let me show you in this article. I'm sure you've heard the famous phrase "it's not what you know, but who you know". This quote is correct on all levels.

You're probably thinking you have to know something, right? Correct! You need to know something and meet the right people. Let me give you an example. Let's say someone asks you a question that you don't know how to answer.

If you know enough people, you will probably be able to get an answer from some of those people. Now I'm not saying you don't have to do anything.

You definitely have to work and know how to do your job properly, but it is very important to have a helpline at hand.

As in all activities, you can do them well or very well. The good networking it means meeting a lot of people.

while a great networking It involves not just meeting a lot of people, but keeping in touch with them and offering reciprocity. Reciprocity means that if someone does you a favor, you will be willing to do a favor for that person at the time.

This helps build not only a strong camaraderie but also a database of resources that you can tap into.

Below are the 7 benefits that I have personally found from reciprocity and great networking.

1. Find a job or increase your chances of a promotion

One of the main privileges of great networking is to open yourself up to a wide variety of career opportunities or promotions. If you interact by showing your personality, knowledge, skills and abilities, you will easily find that some of your contacts work for a company that is looking for talent.

If you are looking for a job or career, some of your colleagues may know someone who knows someone who can put you in touch.

If you are already working and looking to climb the "corporate ladder", networking is probably the most appropriate way. If upper management knows how you work, your attitude, etc., that spreads like wildfire in office rumors.

Many managers know ahead of time when a new position is going to open up for which they might recommend you. Never stop networking within the company. You can never get to know too many people or know them too well!

2. Develop leadership skills

When you exercise networking, you begin to build yourself / or a bank of resources that you can take advantage of. When you know what each resource can provide you, you learn how to manage them efficiently for your daily life or even your career. Of course, remember that reciprocity is key.

You can't expect people to always help you without you also helping them.

A good example is when a boss asks you to solve something you don't know, you can easily say that even if you don't know the answer at that moment, you can find it by consulting your network. This not only shows confidence but also leadership skills.

3. Increase self-confidence

Meeting more people is certainly a way to increase your self-confidence. It has been shown that people who have more interaction with other people tend to be happier (assuming not all interactions are stressful!).

That little "Good morning", "How was your weekend?" and "Good night" help build self-confidence. You feel good internally knowing that people acknowledge your existence and are willing to communicate with you.

Also, when you meet a lot of people, you feel more confident to perform certain tasks because you know that, if necessary, you can call someone, send an email, send a text message, etc. Looking for extra help!

4. Knowledge

Everyone knows that news or rumors travel pretty fast. Most of the latest news and rumors travel by word of mouth (or word of mouth, as others say). Well, if you don't network and interact with people, the news will never travel to you.

News and rumors can be important knowledge that can help you with your daily tasks or in life. For example, you may find yourself in a group of people who like to share ideas, techniques, tools, etc. Word of mouth here is the key to your knowledge base.

5. Financial benefits/time

Did you know that networks can also save you time and money? Absolutely. There are many cases where because you know someone, you can get a discount or get some kind of item or service that you are looking for.

For example, if you know someone who owns or works in a busy restaurant, they could easily get that needed table faster and possibly even a discount on food! And this is a rather modest example. Again, remember that reciprocity is key to keeping these benefits alive.

6. Meet new friends/significant people

We all like to meet new people. Some of these new people you meet could end up being your best friend, partner, best-man/bridesmaid, or even your husband/wife.

Of course this doesn't happen every time, but make sure it has happened enough! New friends or significant connections cannot be expected to appear out of nowhere. You have to put in the work and time to build those relationships that can potentially become something special.

7. Opportunities

People always have opportunities for many things. Those opportunities can be more or less like a job offer, an invention, a business opportunity, an investment opportunity, etc. The opportunities here are limitless and you definitely shouldn't lower the curtain when a window of opportunity presents itself.


If you are not convinced of the benefits of networking, I hope this article leaves you, at least, thinking. There are not too many side or negative effects of this activity.

Doing a great job of networking will not only make your life easier, but also happier, more successful, and more fulfilling. Take a few minutes to reflect on yourself and see if you can make some improvements to your networking.

Believe me, I have personally experienced all of these 7 benefits first hand and I can tell you that I will never stop networking and neither should you!

Please share your opinion below.
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