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Content Marketing for an Aesthetic Center You may already be applying content marketing in your beauty center without realizing it. Do you have Social Networks for your business? Do you post tweets on Twitter or posts on Facebook? Then you are already generating content for your audience.

The problem is that maybe you're not doing it under a marketing strategy. And without that, the information you post on social media might not give you a truthful result in attracting potential customers to your business.

Therefore, today we explain some of the basic principles to apply a content marketing plan for your beauty center.

If on a daily basis you affirm the idea that creating a content marketing strategy is only for large businesses, from our side we assure you that you are wrong, in fact, these types of strategies benefit SMEs and your beauty center can be within this classification.

Different studies assert that content is the best way to reach potential customers; for instance, Pew Research Centeran American online media, published an article in mid-2016 in which it pointed out that people between 18 and 49 years old obtain information online.

This is not counting the different opinions of marketing experts in which it is clear that content is the best asset of your company and the bridge to reach the final consumer.

Now, you may ask, what does that have to do with me? Well, a lot, because ultimately, every business today needs a content marketing strategy to make your business have a presence in the digital field.

And you may not have the budget to hire specialists, or you simply are not interested in leaving this issue in the hands of experts. But it is important that you assume and understand the importance of this mechanism to extend your image. For now, let's start with the basics.

What is the goal of content marketing?

This type of strategy is intended to attract potential consumers, convert them into real customers and retain them to generate loyalty. The best way to achieve this is by offering quality, exclusive, instructive content that, in general, leaves some use to your client.

As you have a beauty center, the content that best suits your purpose of attracting customers are topics related to beauty, for example: "benefits of body peeling", "how to achieve a slim figure", "how to generate a change in your eating habits” “Why get permanent hair removal?”, etc.

In other words, the idea is that you can create content designed for your current and potential customers.

What kind of content benefits your beauty center?

You don't necessarily have to create a website to attract customers to your blog, nor do you have to think about writing extensive content (although it would be ideal). For now, you can create a content plan for your beauty center adjusted to your budget and your abilities.

You can think of creating:

Create a magazine
Post on Facebook and other social networks

Videos about the beginning of a treatment in a specific client: coordinate with a client and ask their permission to video document the entire process, from start to finish. Edit the video and share it on your social networks.

With that you achieve two things: promotion of your beauty center and content that keeps your potential client interested.

Having a channel on YouTube can be a very important source of traffic and customers.
If you have a person in charge of makeup in your beauty center, for example, you can create a step-by-step guide on how to do evening makeup.

You can publish a photograph of a client wearing makeup for a night event and in the post explain how to do it. All this through Instagram. Or better yet, you can also show the entire process on video on YouTube, so with the same material you have more presence and appeal to more audiences.
Create your own magazine
If your budget allows it, you can create your own magazine with monthly publication, in this you can include the most incredible looks or the treatments with the best results during the month and explain how you achieved it. Just like a professional magazine would.
Post on Social Networks
On Facebook, you can post content with promotional meaning. Think of that treatment that is not usually in high demand, for example, you do permanent hair removal, but during winter there are not many people interested; create a promo and make that treatment return profitability to your business.

Tips for creating a content marketing strategy for your beauty center

Know your potential clients
First of all, you must know exactly who your ideal client is. Remember that the content you are going to create must be guided to the type of target audience that your beauty center has.

To get an idea, think about the services or treatments that you apply in your business, for example: reductive massages, anti-stress, hairdressing, facials, botox, etc.

Then think about the type of people who ask for these types of treatments, usually they can be women between 30 and 50 years old. With this you can have an idea about who you are going to direct your content to and thus be sure that it will be well received by the target audience.
Think about the content you are going to create
The type of treatment that you apply in your beauty center can give you clues about the content that you should create in your business in order to speak properly about the matter and thus position yourself as a reference among your followers on Social Networks, clients and potential clients.

You know, if you apply botox, a good topic to cover your content marketing strategy is to write about the benefits, recommendations to apply it, certifications that aesthetic centers must have to apply it. And as an extra contribution, join it with the previous recommendations; create videos, tutorials, etc., so that the online community sees your professionalism.

As a user of Social Networks, you should know that trends are set very quickly and you should take advantage of that to create content.

Be attentive to those topics that can generate an opportunity for you to extend your presence on social platforms. The use of the hashtag (#) is one of the mechanisms that can best be used in your attempt to generate a presence in these important and influential media.
Prepare an editorial calendar
A great way to keep your content marketing going is to set up an editorial calendar that allows you to stay organized and stay on track.

Although there is specific software to create editorial calendars, you can manage very well with Google Calendar or prepare an excel spreadsheet or any spreadsheet. The important thing is to plan and organize as much as you can of the year, so you won't forget important dates, you'll take the pressure off of deciding what to write about, and your content will have editorial logic.


Start reading a little more on the subject, dig to learn how to create a great content plan and don't rest when it comes to being at the forefront of sales and customer attraction methods.

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