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How to Create a Marketing Plan for an Aesthetic Center For a long time, beauty salons, such as hairdressers or comprehensive beauty salons, ceased to be artisanal businesses with little profitability.

Now, with a society more concerned with maintaining a good physical appearance and strict personal care, it is not unreasonable to think of creating a marketing plan for an aesthetic center.

Because writing a marketing plan is one of the ways to know the market environment where this type of business is developed, allowing parameters to be established in the field of marketing.

As the owner of your own company, you should know that businesses experience good times and bad times, as well as the importance and role that good marketing is taking in these times.

In fact, we can hear specialists in the field every day recommending that any type of company create a marketing plan.

The sales and maintenance of companies and the way they relate to potential customers has definitely been transformed.

Now we have a consumer more attentive to the mess of the digital age and, with the creation of a marketing plan for an aesthetic center, this type of situation (sales, relationship with clients, market trends, etc.) can be foreseen for Generate actions that allow the growth of the beauty center in a strategic and intelligent way.

You will think that a marketing plan may not be useful to grow your beauty center, but you are wrong, because even if you are not an expert in marketing, the implementation of a plan to foresee the market situation will help you a lot when it comes to implement sales techniques, recognition of the business in the market and extension of the image of the comprehensive beauty center.

Does it sound complicated to you? Quiet! It is not. We teach you what are the steps you must follow to implement a marketing plan for your beauty center.

5 Steps To Create A Marketing Plan For Your Beauty Center

The constant changes in the market have left consequences in how a company establishes itself in the market and for beauty centers the matter is no different, much less now that we are all involved in trends that point towards the digitalization of companies (social networks, websites).

If you are looking to extend your reach and simply want to start a business that involves beautification, we show you how to make a marketing plan for a beauty center:
STEP 1: Study your market
It is the most complicated step because it is about knowing perfectly everything that, in some way, influences the development of your beauty center. So, in the first instance you have to answer these questions:

What stage is my beauty center in?
Are you in crisis, growth or are you starting? According to each stage, you can create a different marketing strategy. Because, for example; If you are growing or in crisis, you can generate plans that allow you to attract new customers. This can be through promotions in certain beauty treatments or generating combos.
What is the evaluation of your current clients?
Who is your competition? Especially if you have them in your same locality. That means you have every chance of churning customers.
What is the added value of your hairdresser? For example, is the Velashape treatment distinguished, with high technology and with faster results than other aesthetic centers?
What's trending right now? This can range from a beauty treatment that is in vogue, to the Social Networks that provide the greatest benefit when it comes to promoting your services. That is, everything that can help you set the standard in the market.

In reality, you have a lot of questions to answer that will help you determine where you currently stand. Knowing it and knowing each point perfectly will allow you to move forward.

Marketers often recommend applying a SWOT analysis because it's the easiest way to learn about your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Each of these items allows you to know, in detail, each aspect that influences the growth or stagnation of your beauty center.

One of the most useful factors of a SWOT analysis is that, by knowing the threats, weaknesses and opportunities, you have the chance to create preventive plans.

For example: Assuming that one of your weaknesses is that you do not have the budget to buy the equipment to apply the treatments, you can think about the idea of ​​opting for the rental of aesthetic equipment.

The same thing happens with threats, if you realize that the cost of a beauty treatment, such as permanent hair removal, is cheaper by the competition, you can create opportunities to generate new customers by creating financing plans for that the treatment be paid in parts.

Thus, you earn money and create payment comfort for those clients who have decided to trust your beauty center, don't you think?

In a few words, studying the environment, recognizing the flaws and opportunities is an essential step because it is what will help you create a marketing plan that guarantees the success of the beauty center. You should see it as a preventive plan to calculate well the steps you are going to take in terms of marketing.
Step 2: Recognition of the target audience
The target audience is nothing more than the representation of the ideal consumer to which your beauty center aims.

Due to the style of the business, we could conclude that your potential clients may be women between 30 and 50 years old (or perhaps a little more), who want to perfect or improve some part of their body; it can be her hair (if you have a hairdresser included) buttocks, legs, abdomen, arms, etc.

In fact, we could include some segment of gentlemen, because lately they are also interested in looking good, healthy, younger and with an almost perfect appearance. So you can think of those gentlemen from 35 to 45 years of age. Or in general in men and women from 20 to 50 years of age, in case of offering permanent hair removal service.

Due to the style of your business, you have a fairly broad target. An issue that usually prevents you from improving the service to your customers because you have a very wide audience and it is almost impossible to know and satisfy all the needs.

To create a marketing plan for your beauty center that is successful and attracts clientsthe recommendation is that you try, as far as possible, to cover a more closed target. It will allow you to personalize the service and attend to it in an almost exclusive way and, as you should already know, exclusivity is a plus in this type of business.

When you find yourself in the classification of your target audience, make an effort to know these aspects:
Socioeconomic details:
Remember that the services provided in an aesthetic, such as: minimally invasive treatments, can be expensive for some clients. Therefore, you need to determine which segment of your audience is willing to pay for what you offer.

In other words, establish the fixed monthly income that your target has and how much you think they are willing to give for what you offer.
Sociodemographic details:
The place of residence depends a lot on the success or stagnation of your beauty center. Therefore, you should make an effort to create a marketing plan to make yourself known in your locality and gradually target the surrounding areas.

These details are also due to age and sex. Guide yourself by the ages that we mentioned before.
Psychographic details:
These details have to do more with the real needs of the ideal client, hobbies, aspirations, tastes, values, motivations, etc. It is about digging into more personal data about the consumer.

Making an effort to know these details will help you provide a more personalized service.
Step 3: Establish marketing strategies
Let's do a quick review Do you know what marketing is? Marketing is the science of working on sales techniques to improve the marketing of a product. In short, it is the art of knowing how to sell based on the actions of a market.

So, generating marketing strategies, basically, is to create mechanisms that allow both your beauty center and the services you provide in it to be easily recognized by your target audience.

But marketing not only seeks recognition of your business, it also helps you retain customers. So, when we talk about marketing strategies, we refer to these techniques that will help you get customers and retain them.
Ideas for marketing and sales strategies
A marketing strategy can be, for example, that you lower the price of permanent hair removal, as well as the creation of financing plans that we mentioned earlier. Take these two examples and guide yourself to create strategies that promote sales.

You can also use Social Networks. You should already know that they are an excellent means of direct communication with customers. Create, for example, sweepstakes. That in marketing is called gamification.

It is about using the game to promote a product or service. In your case, it can be used to publicize those seasonal promotions. Look, in Argentina, right now, it's summer. The aesthetic centers since the last season may be generating clients; they prepare their bodies so that they can look slim during the summer holidays.

What we want to tell you is that the seasons of the year can be part of your marketing strategy. Think about how to take advantage of them to create sales strategies. Also think about what psychographic data you were able to extract from your customers to generate personalized sales strategies.

We cannot establish a series of recommended actions, because these depend a lot on the study of the environment and your target audience. You must think about the compendium of strategies and create them with your team to generate efficient solutions.
Step 4: Set a budget
The budget is a very controversial topic, because the creation and implementation of a marketing plan for an aesthetic center is not free. That is, creating the document that will guide you soon is free, but putting marketing and sales techniques into practice is not.

For example: creating a financing plan so that the client pays for beauty treatments in easy installments can pose a risk to the business. The client can apply the treatment, pay the first installments and leave the plan. A situation that causes losses and capital flight from the beauty center, not to mention the mismatch in the payment of services (energy, water), payment of personnel, etc.

So, to avoid this type of complication, it is advisable to establish an initial budget and play with it to implement sales strategies without compromising the economic stability of the beauty salon. Study what techniques you can apply from the beginning and how this can attract potential clients. If you are good with numbers, this will not be a problem for you.

You can create a table in excel establishing the marketing strategies and how much each action will cost you. This way you keep control of each technique in order to later determine if you are respecting that margin or have gone overboard.
Step 5: Measure the results
The final step is to measure the results. Have your marketing techniques brought you new customers? Did you manage to retain some customers? If your answer is positive, you should check if the acquisition of new customers and their loyalty has generated the profits you expected.
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