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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event Events are an excellent opportunity to put your business on display. But they are usually very tedious to program and even worse to promote them properly to achieve the expected results.

But fortunately now you have the possibility to use social media to promote your event.

If you are just starting out with these types of activities, it is very likely that you will have the feeling that everything is up in the air until the last moment.

It happened to me a few years ago and I was left with “the creeps” because in principle people want to reserve the possibility of deciding on the fly and although they confirm (and swear to you) their attendance, at the last minute, they are always told « burns down the house” and cannot attend.

And of course you need to have a high % of certainty, it does not matter if you ask to borrow a friend's place, or rent an event room for 100 or 1000 people. And let's not even talk if you're going to serve any snacks.

Furthermore, even in the case that the event was 100% onlineit is also essential to have a good approximation of the number of attendees (your connection drops!!!).

But as I said at the beginning today you can put social networks to work to help you promote your event.

Some ideas that can help you promote your event.

The Complete Guide to Using Social Media to Promote Your Event

1. Choose the social network that best suits your interests
And that is the social network where your audience is and it also depends on the type of event. If your event is more of a social type then Facebook is undoubtedly the winner. But if it is a strictly professional type, surely you will be better off with LinkedIn or maybe Instagram if it is a more visual audience.

Of course you can always mix media, after all that's what all companies do.

The different social networks offer internally or through an App, the possibility of publishing in event format. On FB, for example, if you press the icon with the 3 dots, you can see the label “event”.
Invest in ads on those social networks
After publishing the event, the ideal is to advertise well segmented to the type of audience you want to attract. Remember that on FB you have many options to create advertising aimed at your ideal audience. And the other networks have it too...

Take advantage of retargeting.
2. Use Event Portals
Another alternative to promote an event is to use free and paid event promotion platforms on the internet, which allow sharing events. For example, Eventbrite is an alternative that also allows you to sell and collect tickets.

Event portals should be part of your media planning.
3. Try to hook your audience from the beginning
Create a unique hashtag to promote the event and encourage your audience to use it every time they mention the event on social media and on the web in general, that creates a lot of expectation and helps a lot to spread the word about the event.
4. Prepare pre-event content to generate excitement
Distribute testimonials from previous participants, case studies, interviews with influential people who engaged in the event, either as an attendee or presenter, share photos of the preparations.

Don't forget to organize different presentations in a calendar, so if a person is interested in a particular talk, they know exactly when it will take place. It is very useful and denotes organization, which should never be lacking.

Make them “beat” the event before it takes place.
5. Create a special Facebook page for the event
A special event page helps build momentum.

In addition to all the content related to the event and the speakers, you can use this page to create expectations by posting posts, images, videos, behind the scenes.

How is the event being prepared? What are the errors and challenges that the day to day of the preparation presents? What do the organizers think? It is a bit like attending the training of a sports team before a championship final.

But also a special page is the ideal place to try viralize the news of the event. You can organize games or contests that help you spread the word and reward the winners with free tickets or a product or service provided by a partner or sponsor.

To organize a contest you have specific applications such as Cool-Tabs (which also works for Instagram, Pinterest, G+, Twitter, etc). This is a paid app but you can try it for free for 15 days. Not bad, huh!
6. Pick up momentum from past events
Have you done a similar event before? It's time then to take advantage of it and use it to drive the next one.

Showing that a previous event has been successful helps create positive expectation.

If you did it once, you have a better chance of making a new event.

Whoever missed it once will not want to miss it again.

If you have good videos of those events, you can edit them to convey the energy of a live event.

Publish the video on YouTube and Vimeo, then embed it on Facebook, in a post on your blog, each publication of your video is one more opportunity to be shared and therefore spread.
7. Leverage the speakers
The speakers are the soul of your event. They are the ones that attract the public. Including a small bio of each one in a brochure or announcement of the event is mandatory.

But you can also rely on each speaker and individually highlighted in a post or in publications on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, accompanying a photo and some famous or inspiring saying related to the theme of their presentation.

If you have 3 speakers, you have at least 3 opportunities to post something specific and unique to highlight your event.

By dedicating a post to each one, you also increase the scope of the post because that person will surely share it on their social networks, which will surely have a percentage of the public in common with yours, but which will surely bring you a new public.
8. Leverage influencers and allies
Not only should you leverage the speakers, you should also seek the help of other allies, influential bloggers and possible allies and commercial sponsors.

José Facchin in his online congress #Posiciona18 did (as always) an excellent job with the sponsors and the gifts they provided (services or free use of software for x time) raffling them among the public who requested it through a tweet with the product's hashtag and that of the event. This notably increased the spread of the event's hashtag.

You can mention them in your posts in exchange for tickets or a % commission on sales.

You should not start promoting an event without first having a list of possible collaborators and partners, you already know that there is strength in unity.
9. Add the event to your email signature
It costs you no work and every time you answer an email, there goes the promotion of your event.

A featured graphic (the logo of the event), a small text and the link to the FB page of the event. Here is a help to create the signature in gmail or use this browser extension to create a custom signature.
10. Give more importance to the event by taking advantage of the enthusiasm of the participants
During the same event it is possible to capitalize on the enthusiasm of the participants and viralize the spread on social networks.
One way is to generate additional and unique content to spread:

High-quality photos of the day's events
Attendees quotes
video content
Testimonials and case studies

If there are known bloggers, make sure that they participate in the photo sessions. This way they will have images to share on their own social media channels, and if you set fire to the use of a particular hashtag, the more opportunities you will have for your hashtag to get out there.

don't forget about ask participants to share the eventeither tweeting their presence, or commenting on the different presentations and always using the hashtag.
11. Continue posting about the event after it's over
Although it may seem like strange advice, it is convenient to continue talking about the event after it is over. Although the event itself has ended, on social networks the audience continues the talk and the hashtag continues to circulate...

Take the opportunity and ask them for feedback. It is not only a way to stretch the influence of the event but also to collect valuable feedback to improve the next event.
12. Evaluate and start thinking about the next event
When you recover from the physical and mental effort, spend some time analyzing the results obtained with a view to obtaining information that will help you prepare and improve the next event.


Today social media offer us a thousand and one opportunities to promote our event.

Don't forget, especially if you have an international public, that nowadays many events can be organize and carry out totally online. Not only is the audience in different countries, but the speakers are sometimes too, some connect from their work or from home to give the presentation.

And not because it is online requires less workno matter how well organized an online event is, you always need to have collaborators on hand who can moderate the questions, organize the draws, a technician who can solve a connection problem for a remote speaker or pick up the internet connection when falls (it will happen…), etc., etc.

If you found it useful, Do not forget to share this post on your social networks.
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