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How do we know if our brand will benefit from creating video content? Video is one of the most powerful tools in the world of marketing. More and more brands are using it to boost engagement on social networks, to reach larger audiences or to multiply their sales. But, How do we know if our brand will benefit from creating video content?

There are several things to keep in mind before you start fueling your marketing campaigns with video content.

The first thing is to understand that a video by itself does nothing if it is not accompanied by a good strategy: we must think very carefully about where we will use it, what we will use it for, what problem it solves and how it adds value to our target audience.

Video is the type of content with the highest ROI in the market, but making a video without knowing what we are doing it for is almost like throwing our investment away. So let's start with the most basic question:

Why make video?

On YouTube alone, more than 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute. It's impossible to deny that video content is taking the world by storm when you realize that people spend, on average, 80% of their time online watching video.

Where does this boom for video come from? First of all, because it has a lot of engagement: the online audience prefers to see audiovisual content before reading an article of more than 1,000 words. It is a format that makes information easier to consume and reach the viewer.

When we talk about social networks, we all know that they are a fundamental piece in any digital marketing strategy. Now, not everyone takes into consideration the statistics that show that video is content that is very worth generating to nurture these channels.

Video posts have 48% more views than any other type of post. Even off social media, video also makes a difference. email campaigns
marketing increase the number of clicks between 200% and 300% when they include videos in their content.

Reasons to invest in video

So yes: there are many reasons to invest in video. But will video work for your brand or business?
to increase sales
If your views and impressions are fine but your number of closed sales is falling, there are many ways in which video can help turn things around.

For example, you can include videos on the purchase pages of your products, which increases the chances that the customer will make the purchase by 144%. They can be tutorial videos of how your products are used, reviews or testimonials from happy customers, behind the scenes of the manufacture or making of your products.

Advertising videos can also be made in retargeting campaigns. Once customers land on your page, you can target video ads to impact their social networks. In this case, it is ideal to show exactly the product in which the person was interested.
#EpicaTips: How to use video to increase sales
To reinforce your branding
On the other hand, if your problems are not sales but it seems important to you to improve the positioning of the brand, videos are also extremely useful. With video you can create entire universes, speak face to face with your customers and make them want to be part of your brand with bulletproof loyalty.

According to a Google report on consumer trends, Oreo, PlayStation and GoPro are some of the brands that are doing a good job connecting with the most video-consuming audience of all time: Generation Z (ages 13-25). ).
To position yourself in Google
Positioning yourself within the most used search engine in the world is a must. And within the second most used search engine as well. YouTube, in addition to a streaming platform (sometimes even a social network), is also the most used search engine after Google, with 3 billion searches per month.

To position yourself on Google, video is a vital resource. In order for them to generate real traffic on our site, they must be embedded in it and not redirect to YouTube or Vimeo because then the traffic will be generated for them. For this we have to use all the tags and sitemaps, to help Google correctly and effectively process the content of the video.
…and on YouTube
To position yourself on YouTube it is necessary to think about specific content for the platform.

Video clips, tutorial videos, talking-to-camera vlogs, FAQs, and reviews are the best-performing content, but the options are endless. Horizontal videos and vertical videos can be uploaded.
#EpicaTips How to record vertically:
That it is a free platform has its great advantage: that we can upload all the videos we want. And it also has its great disadvantage: that everyone is constantly uploading videos.

To stand out from so much information, you need to get creative. It is not mandatory to buy the best equipment, but it is necessary that the image of the video is clear, that the sound is heard well and that you have to be consistent in uploading the pieces, because YouTube rewards the most active creators.

Is it worth it then to create videos for Youtube? It will depend on your objectives, the products or services you want to communicate and the time you can and want to dedicate to it. But with 3 billion chances a month to be seen and found, it's worth a try.

Also, taking into account that YouTube belongs to Google, its content is also positioned very well in this search engine.

Your brand does not exist only online, also offline

There is a whole range of situations that occur without the need for an internet connection.
For them there are also solutions that the video proposes and are highly recommended.

Video for human resources: A possible solution to recruit new staff may be to show the work environment, the proposal, or a testimonial on video. You can even use virtual reality video to show new members what the company is like or make institutional videos about new projects for internal communication.
Videos for events: Boosting your event with video is simple. Let's imagine invitations with augmented reality, mapping in the event hall, a tour with virtual reality, even holograms! Everything is possible -and exists- thanks to video.
Video for screens: Wherever there is a screen, it is an opportunity to make yourself known or communicate a message. They can be screens within the company, on public roads, on public transport, in waiting rooms, at fairs or exhibitions.


In conclusion, if you have any of these problems to solve, the answer is: yes! the video is just what you are looking for. What you can allocate to make the best possible video quality will always be a good investment, but it is not strictly necessary to do it all at once.

You can start perfectly with the resources that we all have at hand: a cell phone, natural light and a lot of creativity.
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