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Target : what is it and how to define it correctly In a marketing campaign for a company or brand, the target is extremely important because it will indicate the type of people to whom a product and/or service is directed.

In a few words, the target is the group or public that will be the future consumer of the article that you want to promote.

Within the business and marketing field for companies, its correct definition is essential for its success.

In fact, almost everyone has heard the phrase “Go to your target” or “Think about the type of target you want to reach” at some point.

What is the target in a marketing strategy?

We can define "target" within marketing as the target and potential audience to which we are directing our marketing actions.

Therefore, our target will be the group of people to whom all our efforts should be focused in terms of marketing to bring them closer to our brand.

Correctly defining the target is one of the most important tasks within our strategy, since it will be very important in order to optimize our resources.

Is it important to correctly define our target?

The answer is a resounding yes.

The success of your campaigns, and therefore of your company, will depend directly on whether you have correctly chosen your target.

Let's take a very clear example. Your company sells clothes for newborns. What will be your ideal target? Mainly parents with newborn babies or couples who are expecting their baby.
If you do not carry out adequate segmentation, your campaign will be aimed at all types of audiences.
Do you think a 20-year-old would be interested in your ad? It will be useless to have a good product if you are offering it to the wrong person.

The main advantage that a company seeks when defining its target is always the same; save money and time.

Correctly defining the target of your marketing strategy has numerous advantages, such as;

You will know where you should focus your marketing strategy;
Thanks to segmentation, you will get to know your target audience better and better and you will be able to better adjust your campaigns.
Do you already know your customers? Then you will know which sales channel works best for you. Focus on it and enhance your brand.

How to define our target

Before selling, you must know who to sell to.

In order to correctly classify the segment to which each product is directed, it is important to make a list to know the type of people you want to "seduce".

Thanks to the definition of the target within our marketing plan, we will avoid directing our actions to the whole world, an impossible mission.

One of the first questions that should be asked when planning the marketing of each company is the gender to which the product or service is directed.

In many cases, it may be for both, but what if it is a men's or women's underwear brand, for example? Of course it will be directed to a single gender.

If the intention is to allocate all the efforts to a single public, the strategy must be adapted as much as possible so that there are no doubts.
Age, a key aspect in defining the target
Although there is no exact scale or rule that indicates age, it can be generalized and organized by certain ranges such as:

• Children (0-14 years old)
• Teenagers (15-19 years old)
• Youth (20-29 years old)
• Adults (30-40 years)
• Adults B (41-59 years old)
• Elderly (60 or older)

When designing a marketing strategy for companies, age is an essential factor in determining the audience to which the product will be sold.

If it is a company for children, it will surely be aimed at the first sector, although this does not mean that it cannot sell to other sectors or expand the sales range.
Today, it is more and more about carrying out inclusive campaigns in which we seek to include both genders and not assume that our products are intended solely for one gender (this may be the case with cosmetics, which are increasingly used by men and not only by women).

This does not mean that it is always convenient to use this segmentation.

Due to their characteristics, there are products that are intended only for women or men (such as underwear). In this case, we should segment our campaign.
Family situation
When segmenting based on the family situation, we can obtain a good target for our campaigns.

Single, married, with or without children, among other options are the most used.

Thanks to this segmentation, if our product is aimed at "parents with newborn children" we can create a very well segmented campaign and attack our target in an ideal way.
Idiosyncrasy, essential to know the target
Although it may seem like an unimportant aspect, knowing where each potential client is from helps to sell or offer the service.

Carrying out a campaign for the Spanish public is not the same as carrying out one for the Japanese target.

Undoubtedly, each country has a different culture and customs, so it will react differently to the same stimulus.
The profession of potential clients
The more segmented the study carried out, the easier the sale will be.

In marketing for companies it is very useful to segment according to social position. The economic status will help us set the characteristics of the new target.

Micro segmentation, the great trick

Once you have the global, you have to try to think of a person and imagine what he or she lacks, may be interested in, or the best way to achieve his or her interest.

By micro-segmenting, you can experience the sale with an individual who represents the global of all.
target online
Marketing for online companies does not change, adapting the precepts of traditional marketing to the Internet.

So, the strategy to define the target is the same as offline but adapted to the web.

The best thing that can be done to know the target audience is to make reports based on statistics provided by online consultants.

In this context, blogs and social networks can also be of great help to form a community and learn more about the consumer or Internet user who visits and participates in these platforms.

What are the benefits of defining our target?

Having a profile of the potential client is essential to achieve success.

This result is key to achieving three basic benefits:

Time saving looking for the right way to promote the item.
Optimize our marketing strategy to be more effective.
Better meet the needs of your ideal customer.
It will allow you to correctly choose the sales channels.
you will get to a higher quality target audience.
cost savings knowing what interests you.
Development of an offer based on the interests of the defined target.
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