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Naming : how to choose the name of your brand or company It is possible that the term sounds more familiar to all of us branding, since this name is attributed to the process in which a company's brand is built. That is, it develops corporate identity to "launch" our company to the market and achieve that it is positioned in it, becoming a benchmark for the entire target audience.

For this, it is essential to have a good marketing and communication plan.

This is all very well but it is not enough. It is necessary to work on choosing our brand name. All the techniques used for this purpose are called Naming.

What is Naming?

The word Naming comes from English, being its translation denomination either appointment.

In marketing fields, we can define the Naming as the set of techniques used to create the name of a brand, products, companies, or simply a project, with the aim of differentiating it from the rest to obtain a good positioning.

This is the first step that must be taken to give meaning to our brand. It may seem simple and purely symbolic, but the importance of doing this job well is very high.

The Name of our brand will be the first impression that all people have from our business, so it is essential to properly transmit all the values ​​that we have proposed at the beginning.

First of all, we must be clear that the name we choose must be clear and concise, easy to pronounce and write, and attractive to the person who listens to it.

What is the importance of Naming?

The main objective with our Naming is to make our brand unconsciously recognizable in the minds of consumers.

In this way, if we choose a good name for our brand or company, it will work by itself the positioning of our brand.

Thanks to creating a good name for our brand or company, we can achieve;

We will add value to our products or services.
We will distinguish ourselves from our competition thanks to the contribution of our own identity.
We will transmit the values ​​of our brand.

Naming Types

friendly name
A descriptive name is one that perfectly defines what a brand or product is or does.

Descriptive names are effective in describing what a company does. These types of names make it easier for consumers to identify our brand.

Their main drawback is that they can be restrictive.
Acronyms and acronyms
They are usually the initials or abbreviations of the previous type of nameswhich usually describe the reason for the company.

For the most part, acronyms evolve from functional names with the intention of making the company name short, easy to remember and with impact.

What disadvantage of this type of names, we can define them as "undistinguished" namessince our name will not have any distinction.
abstract names
In general, these types of names are invented words that do not refer to anything, and therefore are not related to any context.

As strengths of these names we can find;

Great differentiation from the competition.

As a weakness, the name of our brand may be difficult to remember because it cannot be associated with anything.

To solve this, we must do a good job of branding.
suggestive names
Suggestive names are usually built around the services or experiences offered by the brand.

It usually has its strong point in helping to position the brand, helping to make it stand out in its sector. We will create expectations in the mind of the consumer of what we can offer.

The problem is that if we are not right with the name of our company in relation to what we really offer, we can create false expectations in consumers and generate disappointment.


Naming process

If you are thinking of carrying out this laborious process yourself, these are the main steps that you should follow according to our criteria.

✅ Arm yourself with patience, because this task will take you a lot of time. It is not something simple or fast.

✅ Take paper and pen and spend the time you need to perfectly describe your business. You should know what you do and who your competition is, mainly. To complete this part, why not use the well-known 5W rule? How? When? Who? Where? Why or what for? Always directing these questions to the two main pillars, your business and your competition.

✅ As we said at the beginning, our brand name must pass all values that we thought at first. Well, now is the time to decide what we want our name to say about us.

✅ A bit of brainstorming can be the key to success. Based on all the information you've collected so far, spend another significant chunk of time writing down as many names as you can think of.

In order for this part of the process to be more complete, it would be interesting for you to compare your results with other people on the team and for them to contribute ideas to the future name of your brand.

No one better than you will know the meaning of your business. That is why all ideas and suggestions must be well received. At this time, the more ideas we have, the better, because then we must select the ones that we did not like the most.

✅ Once we have a small selection, we will check that the chosen names are not registered.

✅ In addition, we are not only interested in knowing if the possible names are registered or not. It is very important to find out if the domains for the selected name are available.

Naming Tools

Some of the most useful tools to carry out the Naming process are the dictionaries.

Consulting the keywords of our business in them, we can obtain information about the meaning, the etymological origin, synonyms, etc. from the same.

There are countless dictionaries on the internet. From the most classic ones like that of the Royal Spanish Academy, to more extravagant dictionaries like Rimador, which gives us rhymes for our keywords.

If we want to search for names in another language, we can use Wordsafety, which will pronounce the word entered in the selected language. Along these same lines, another interesting dictionary is the Urbandictionary, which will tell us if the chosen word has negative connotations in another language.

In addition to the dictionaries, we can consult other pages that will give us information about the domain availability. These results will also be useful for the Naming work of our brand or company.

Tips for choosing your brand name

As a marketing agency with some experience in Branding, we have prepared this short list with some tips that could be very useful when choosing your brand name.

Your name should meet some, if not all, of these:

✅ Must be a new, unique and different name to everything that exists. The fight for differentiation must start from the first moment. Your name has to evoke differentiation and novelty.

✅ The Name must be suggestive. With him, anyone who listens to him should think about what we want our name to suggest.

✅ It would be interesting, if it had flexibility. In other words, it can be extended to other sectors or categories, because even if we start our business focused on one sector, we will never know what the future will bring. If our name is too explicit and inflexible, we will not be able to take advantage of it for other categories.

✅ Easy to pronounce, read and write. Regardless of the country in which we are going to operate, our name should be easy to pronounce and write. If not, we will make it difficult for people who listen to it to retain it and associate it with our activity.

✅ As we have already mentioned, we will have to monitor that both your Registration like the possible domains be available for us. If we choose a name that we cannot use in our domain, the positioning work will be negatively affected.

✅ In relation to the previous point, following in the line of positioning, it is advisable that the Name be short. In this way, people will remember it more easily and in addition, the domain will also be short. This favors positioning, especially on social networks like Twitter where the characters available to write are limited.

✅ We will also have to avoid negative connotations and/or associations. The name should not suggest anything negative.

✅ Many companies have a certain background with useful stories for the creation of the name. If yours is one of them, do not hesitate and take advantage of this opportunity. You will not find anything more suitable for your business than its own history.

The ultimate goal of this laborious and very important work of naming is that anyone outside our business can quickly identify our product/service just by hearing our brand name.

Likewise, if we have carried out this task well, we could be able to make our public appreciate our most differentiating characteristics in the face of our competition.

In the end, we must not forget that we buy brands because they make us feel special, not products without value or personality.
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