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Guarantee and Brand Differentiation We rarely talk about the guarantee and even less when it comes to a service. But today I want to talk about the relationship between warranty and brand differentiation so we can see later how to structure a good warranty.

Let me tell you this example. I'm working right now with a client who does high-end sales training. And we are currently working on the messages for your website.

In the course of our conversations, he mentioned that 82% of his clients saw an ROI of 10:1. In other words and to be clear, the return on their investment in training was 10 times the amount invested.

That is impressive and significant. However, his website does not mention this fact.

Instead, your site's home page mentions general ideas about the value of your sales training. But nothing really that stands out.

That's why we're now developing a message that marks your company's ability to truly guarantee that your training will increase sales.

This is a bold step, but to do otherwise would relegate your company to a commodity, to a commodity, to just another sales training company…

Your promise is your brand

As I mentioned before there are several ways to differentiate your business, but in fact I left out the most powerful of all: Offering a specific guarantee of results.

Yes, I know that not every professional service business can do that, but consider the following:

Many years ago, in the early years of my business, I listened to a recording by Phil Wexler, co-author of "Non-Manipulative Selling."

Phil was the co-owner of a sales training company and offered the following guarantee to his clients:
"You can judge the value of our training based on the criteria you choose, and if you feel we don't meet that criteria, we'll come back and do any additional training needed until you're completely satisfied."
But there was one important caveat: This guarantee only applied to their full program: four days of training, one-on-one coaching, and monthly support recordings.

If the client wanted to receive fewer days of training, without coaching or support recordings, no guarantee was offered.

Here's another way to think about it:
Develop and offer a program or service that you have complete confidence in will produce the results you guarantee.

As a last resort, clients buy your services because of the results they hope to achieve. If you can't consistently produce the results you deliver in your business, why are you in that business in the first place?

I know this is a somewhat radical position, but the world of professional services is more competitive today than ever. You can't do your best and expect your customers to be happy.
Why a service guarantee can be so powerful
A guarantee has a number of positive advantages for your business. In fact, it can completely transform the way you do business.

Most important benefits of a results-based guarantee

These are some of the most important benefits of a results-based guarantee.
1. A clear marketing advantage
A guarantee makes you stand out in a crowd of imitators. Demonstrate great confidence in your ability to produce results. When choosing two seemingly equal professional service providers in terms of experience, wouldn't you choose the provider that guarantees results?
2. Put the main focus on customers
When you guarantee results, doesn't your level of focus increase to do a great job? Wouldn't you go the extra mile to produce the highest level of results?
3. A guarantee sets clear standards
What exact results do you guarantee? You will come to a mutual agreement with your client about the results you will produce and you will be able to track and measure those results.
4. Helps you build powerful testimonials
The best testimonials are based on measurable results achieved. When you are more focused on results, you can expect to see more consistent results. Your testimonials will now reinforce your guarantee.

Now let's see how to achieve it.

How do you structure your guarantee?

In most cases, a professional services guarantee does not offer a money back, but promises that it will produce a certain result within an agreed period of time.

If that result is not met, you work to deliver that result without charging additional fees.

Yes, this can be tricky because implementation is often not up to you. Therefore, you must create guarantees that include the actions and responsibilities that the client will take.

This can be a powerful incentive for a customer to act, understanding that their guarantee is void if they don't deliver what they promised.

My sales training client that I discussed at the beginning of this note is developing a guarantee based on obtaining a certain ROI, however, he will customize it for each client, depending on the type of business, the current state of the sales force, etc. .

Start structuring your collateral

I recommend that you find a way to structure your business and services so that you can offer a powerful guarantee of results.

This may be easier said than done, but I honestly think it's worth the effort to do it.
Here are some points to consider:
1. What can you do to increase the chances of producing the promised results? For example, perhaps a deeper program.

2. What must you require from the customer for the guarantee to apply? For example, completing certain assignments.

3. What will happen if you are not successful in achieving the promised results? For example, do you give a refund or do additional work, you decide.

4. Should you offer a guarantee for certain projects, but not for others? For example, a full training program vs. a master conference.

5. How do you articulate your guarantee so that it has the greatest impact as a marketing tool? For example, on the home page of your website or only in specific proposals.


Offering performance guarantees for professional services businesses like coaching, consulting, and training requires deep thought and trial and error, but I recommend you explore how to make them work for your business.
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