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How to Improve Conversion on Your Social Networks Today we are going to talk about how to improve the conversion in your social networks. Let's start by defining conversions. Conversions are the actions that followers take with the content we publish.

So the: like, share, comments, contacts, queries, etc. they make our networks come alive and attractive to other followers.

In addition to attracting others, active participation makes profiles or pages better positioned within the social network, since internal search engines understand that if people participate a lot it is because they are topics of interest to users. For that reason it is important to improve as much as possible the conversion of those social networks with which you operate.

If you still don't know what the person profile for your company is, no problem!

This person represents the ideal customer. And technology can help, and a lot, to find out who is the right person for your company. This is because, currently, there are tools that allow companies to understand this point.
Technology allows you to better understand all of your target markets, which means that each site has a different demographic base, and in this case, you are likely to interact with different audiences. Instagram, for example, has a strong user base among 25-34 year olds, while TikTok is 10-19 year old. A specialty clothing company is likely to create and sell to various age groups. Let's say that company plans a marketing strategy for both platforms: the result will be the collection of information about how each of these demographics likes to be advertised to, interacts with, and leads to more conversions.
It is important to analyze information about the behavior of your followers and how they engage with your content. The interpretation of the metrics is as important as the production of content, because it is what can give you a better orientation of what, in fact, is working. Also, when people are well established, it's much easier to know what they want from each platform so you can create targeted and compelling ads.

After discovering this person, it's important to promote the content on channels that speak to your audience.

Recent PWC studies reveal that 70% of businesses generate leads through social media, and furthermore, 58% of marketers say that digital channels have helped them increase sales over the years. years. So think about it: if your company's only online presence is based solely on a website, chances are you're missing out on a lot of opportunities to capture new customers, even though your business is based on tools like AdWords. Think: where do you spend the most time? On social media or looking for something specific on search engines like Google? Ok, we agree that it is the first option.

What to do to improve the conversion in your social networks?

suitable profile
The first task you must perform is to make sure that your company profiles are commercial and not personal (especially on Facebook and Instagram). If you don't know the differences between a personal and a business profile, I suggest you reread this post.

Once this is done you need to pay special attention to the following items:
The name of your company in social networks must always be the same. Control the names you use in the different profiles and unify them, this recommendation also counts for profile images.
Headers and Covers
They are excellent advertising spaces within your profile, use them to remember: promotions, discounts, address, phone, etc.
Relevant information
Although it is often tedious, complete the entire information section of the profiles, especially the location and contact information.
Make sure that in the first line it is clear what you do, please avoid the typical: "We are a company of professionals with 20 years of experience..."
Each social network has its rhythm, in some it will be enough to publish once a week, others will require several daily publications. It is very important when planning the network strategy that you analyze how much time you can dedicate to them and only open profiles in those that you can attend.
Post interesting topics for your followers, don't limit yourself to simply uploading the photo of your products with the prices.
They must be of good quality and be "branded", that is, carry the brand and, if possible, some reference text, this motivates users to share them.
Use Links, Videos, Gif
Try different formats, to share information.
Include them in the text of the post, analyze the competition to find out which ones are used in your field or create some specific ones for your brand.
Must be direct, public and within the social network. Nothing to ask them to send you an email, call by phone or say that you answer them privately.
facebook ads
Carry out periodic campaigns to get more followers or promote posts. In this post you will be able to learn about the wide segmentation capacity that Facebook offers and that you can use to make your ads more productive, reaching more target audiences at the lowest possible price.
Facebook, for example, has become one of the main channels to take advantage of ad sales. Users who don't know your brand start seeing it even if they don't like your Page. However, it is essential to look at what tools are used to promote this content, taking age, interest, and opportunity into account. Conversely, if your goal is to diversify social media channels and reach new audiences, a business with an older user base would benefit from using TikTok to generate new leads through promotional content.
In short, venturing -safely- into social media advertising allows you to promote your content through as many social channels as you want.
You are not limited to reaching a specific audience like you do through email marketing, since these social media ads can reach people you have not yet had contact with or even identified as leads.

In addition to producing quality content and products, how is the customer service?

About 50% of customers buy more from organizations that offer excellent after-sales service, well beyond the sale itself. These companies that respond to customer service questions in the media end up benefiting compared to those that don't care about all the clear information about their products. Many of them have even called this function "SAC 3.0", in which they seek to have greater interaction with consumers and go beyond solving what is requested.
You can offer customer support on social media channels in a variety of ways, such as responding to customer complaints on Twitter or chatting with customers on Facebook Messenger . A great example of this is Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms that use social networks and adapt to the profile of the customers who follow them. Those who consume their content through the media will probably have a more satisfying experience when they turn on their device to watch a series or movie.

Cultivate leads in favor of your company!

Did you know that email marketing is not the only way to promote your leads? Recent research indicates that 96% of website visitors  are not yet ready to buy , and in this case, social media marketing can significantly benefit your efforts to cultivate new leads. I know that it is the dream of every e-commerce to see their lead box fill up. So, don't let them down.
With the creation of great content, the possibility of making a user buy your product and become a customer is much higher. Even so, this good content can help a better brand presence and customer loyalty, who may feel represented by your company, or like your profiles to the point of becoming a potential broadcaster customer. An example of this is when a company begins to show more of its daily life as a way of raising awareness so that the consumer becomes loyal to the brand.
This is a clear example of what brands made up of younger CEOs have done, such as Just Approve, Bolovo, among others that have become popular among teenagers. In other words, it's important to consistently identify your target audience, to really know what works for your consumer. And the best way to do it is by testing.

Do not stop creating specific and well-planned strategies to capture leads and take off in the interaction

Let me remind you of one thing: the globalization of social networks means that there are always connected consumers, since, with the distribution of time zones, there will always be someone connected and, consequently, someone willing to interact with your content. Calm down, I'm not telling you to target the Chinese public. But knowing how to segment your campaigns very well so that they reach different places, with proportional investments and thus provide an interesting ROI for the desired demand.
Capturing leads is not an easy task. It's important to offer something that's relevant to the consumer, so they have a reason to link to or provide data to your business. Therefore, you must draw up an effective and well-detailed marketing strategy so that the posts continue with good interaction organically. With this, the potential for sales conversion rates to grow even further is great.
Digital platforms are a great way to expand your after-sales service capabilities. Or even an effective way to capture new customers, leads and increase conversions. Diversifying the investment in platforms is a good way to achieve the results of your business quickly and efficiently. Therefore, take the time - and the capital - to create specific marketing strategies for social networks. Made in detail and with attention to the metrics, it is very possible that your company has an interesting return in a few months.
Do you already have a mix of social networks and would you like a free audit? Well, then enter your data in this form and receive a professional opinion to know how you are doing in each of them and what you could improve. Access the form here.
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