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10 Networking Tips Applied to Business Some people, however, they resist networking for whatever reason, whether they're too busy or impatient or don't feel safe enough to put themselves in that situation. Others try, but do not network in the best way.

The following tips will help you and your business get a head start through effective networking.

xpanding our network of acquaintances is something vital: partners, co-workers, colleagues in the sector, suppliers, potential clients... Everyone has, predictably, something that could bring us professional benefits. But it should also be mentioned that this relationship plan should not be random or random, obviously, beyond professional issues, maintaining a cordial relationship with everyone around us should be very important, but when it comes to talking about networking we should focus more who have something to share.

Since it is an aspect that all job coaches give a lot of importance to (especially if what you are looking for is a job or recycling your career), we share 5 essential tips to create a network of contacts :

Connect with old colleagues

You never know when you're going to need someone, and this ranges from a former college classmate to the latest intern to join the company. Don't underestimate anyone, you don't know what the future holds for both of you or when you might need  their help or a recommendation. Do not let relationships with old acquaintances fall into oblivion. Keep phone numbers, business cards and email addresses safe.

share and listen

To create a good networking it is necessary that you contribute as much as you expect to receive, this is not about "taking advantage" of others, but about creating a work community. Don't try to steer the conversation towards you or your brand. If what you are looking for is to connect with your interlocutor, you have to know how to listen, contribute interesting elements and maintain an appropriate tone.


They may end up falling into disuse over the years, but their importance is still valid. Invest in a good business card design, something that will make the other person look twice before pocketing it. If there is a connection during the course of the conversation and they also remember the card, they will not hesitate to add your data to their mailing file or their agenda.

One piece of advice: add a note on the back about the person who gave it to you: mutual interests, a topic of conversation... In short, humanize and personalize the card.


Make each new contact arise through an animated and enriching conversation (that's why point 2 is important), do not associate only with people you like. The merit of networking is to compose a plural and open network that reaches different types of people: this includes someone with opinions opposite to ours or even who is part of the competition. Invest time in each contact, do not allow the relationship to cool down. A phone call or an email from time to time, to catch up with the news, strengthens the bond .

Get out of the comfort zone

As mentioned before, don't stay on the surface, don't just talk to people with whom you have an affinity or a close bond. Go find new contacts. Here we can make a division of two types of networking:

Networking 2.0 : the one that is born and develops in social networks , in addition to being aware of the events in your sector, allows you to know who is part of it, start conversations through an entry or a tweet and start creating a community
In- person networking : it is the one that takes place in congresses, fairs, conventions ... In addition to presenting the latest innovations in our field of work, these events are already designed to facilitate connections. It is also useful to participate in chambers of commerce , alumni associations, professional associations, etc.

In both typologies it is important to select which are the most important or which could benefit us the most. You have to invest time and dedication, but it is not necessary to be everywhere, all the time.

10 Networking Tips Applied to Business That Will Give You an Advantage

1. Prepare. Before any interaction, prepare as well as possible by trying to learn as much as you can about the potential contacts you will be interacting with. This way you can jot down questions and tailor the conversation in a way that works for you to engage with people and see how you might work together.

2. Don't take it as a job. If networking feels like a chore, you won't get anything useful out of it. Go with a positive attitude and participate in the conversations where you are talking and learning from each other. Conversations will flow and you will make a better impression. Who knows? Maybe you even have a good time.

3. Leave the office. Yes, what you read. Although resources such as email and social networks are very effective in making contacts; You have to go to the real world as soon as possible. Go out for coffee or attend an industry event with that person you're trying to connect with, and your business will grow as a result.

4. Form a team. By networking with someone else, you will most likely have more success. Maintaining a positive attitude will make people feel more inclined to the same feeling. Essentially, it is extremely valuable to have someone there to take care of us and promote us. Another way is to establish a strategic relationship with someone who is already positioned and interacting with your target.

5. Add value. Networking is a process of give and take, and you should focus on giving. You will have to give before you receive. If you do something useful for someone or provide some sort of valuable service or opinion, you'll make a much better impression on those people and they'll likely ask you for favors and advice all the time. The relationship will develop naturally, and in the long run you will be better positioned.

6. Join the right group. Don't waste your time and energy being part of a group that is not valuable. The people in the group should provide the resources, knowledge and willingness to share, and should be influential. Communication must be consistent, respectful, and professional, and the network must offer support in overcoming challenges and frustrations.

7. Use the available tools. There are many apps out there that make networking easy. To help you find events and people and then stay in touch.

Apps like WhosHere act as resources to connect with people nearby and chat with them. uLink is a smartphone app that tracks interactions with other members, forms open groups in various cities, and makes referrals easy. Trendr is a business networking platform that uses LinkedIn to identify and get to know the people you are connected to and subsequently encourages collaboration. In other words, it helps you to physically locate people with whom you are already connected online in a conference or exhibition, a kind of bridge between two worlds.

These are just a small sample of the various tools that can significantly improve your business network.

8. Remember that networking involves developing relationships. Don't go to a networking event with a sales pitch. By conversing openly and informally, you will find that people are more willing to do business with you. Suggest topics that are not difficult to discuss and pay attention. Listen well to the other person and participate in the conversation. Be attractive and enthusiastic, mind your manners and smile.

9. Interact with the right people. When you go to networking events, the number of people you can get to can be overwhelming. You must find the right people. Talk to organizers and influencers who understand the inner workings and have many connections.

10. Follow up. After any interaction, you probably promised some kind of follow-up, like a phone call or sending some information. Actually you should. Continuing contact with the people you contacted shows interest and availability and increases the likelihood that a mutually beneficial relationship will flourish.
Networking applied to business can help you make connections, close deals, grow your business and increase your chances of getting a job, but only if it is done correctly. Put these tips into practice for success in your business networking efforts.

What do you think? Do you have other tips to share? Leave us your comments below.
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