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How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Networking Today we are going to explain how to use social media to boost your networking. Social networks have opened up a world of new possibilities for business networking.

In-person networking is still critical, but social media has added a new dimension to online networking.

With social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, you can find and connect with people on a new level. Whether they're around the corner or across the globe, every person with Internet access is a potential contact. Reaching out to people is fairly straightforward and can lead to the development of very fruitful relationships.

How to use social media to boost your networking

Build your profiles and develop connections
First you have to determine which social media you want to use and complete each profile. Make sure your information is consistent across profiles and that they keep these profiles correct and up-to-date.

Also, make sure that there is nothing in their profiles that could be construed as inappropriate (be careful with the photos you post). This is a common mistake due to the nature of social media in that people use it for personal and professional purposes at the same time, very common on Facebook.

The big names in social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, each have their own characteristics and values, and there are many other social networks out there, including those specific to certain industries or specialties.

I recommend you review the following points:
Select the most appropriate communities to participate
Select the communities that are most appropriate for you and the ones that your target audience is using.

Social networks offer the possibility of locating people efficiently. Do a search for classmates, past co-workers, old acquaintances, friends and family.

This way you can build on the connections you've made throughout your life as you advance your use of social media. These people can have a wide range of diverse experiences, interests, areas of expertise, and their own connections. All this can be very useful to you in the future.
Expand your Network of Contacts
Next, use the functionality of social networks to discover and locate companies and with whom to connect in those companies. Their profiles will provide you with useful information to create short, personal communications.

These communications should clearly highlight your desire to connect and your willingness to help them rather than your own needs and requests. Start slowly and don't be too aggressive. Otherwise, you can chase people away before you even have a chance to make conversation.
participate regularly
Actively participate and interact with your contacts on a regular basis. Being present on social networks will not do you much good if you do not use them regularly.

Sharing articles, responding to tweets and messages, etc. shows that you are active in your field and people will end up recognizing and appreciating you based on your contributions.

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There are several forums in which you can participate. Exchanging relevant messages adds value and people will see how well informed you are. If the objective of your networking is the job search, show potential employers that you are really interested.
Be yourself on social media
While you need to be professional, this does not mean you have to shed your personality, rather, let this personality "shine" so that the connections become an ongoing relationship.

If you balance your personality with your professional goals and are genuine about it, people will be more inclined to connect with you, as you have shown that you are a real person with value both personally and professionally.

If we have a business, we cannot stay only in traditional advertising to achieve the necessary impulse to develop in the market. We need more opportunities to achieve the right positioning for our business, and these opportunities are provided by social networks. Virtual platforms are a fast, simple and cheap way to bring more people to our business.

Now, if we already know that social networks are a fundamental tool for boosting our business, what we need is to know how to use them profitably. The closest thing to social networks that we knew was to establish relationships with our clients through the classic email, and we could wait days for a possible response. However, today with the use of profiles on social networks, we can contact our customers, learn a little more about their information, know who their contacts are, and other relevant information to establish connections with them. Start using social media for the benefit of your business…

1. Differentiate the use of each social network

We currently have endless social networks on the Internet; However, to promote our business we must know how to choose which ones we should use for the best results. Here we will introduce you to the main social networks in business and their usage specifications.


On Twitter you will find the fastest way to communicate with your customers. Here you can find followers, and it is to them that you should direct your publications. The posts are relatively short, so always try to get attention quickly and appropriately.

Remember that Twitter gives you the opportunity to manage your brand, and you can use it as a test platform for starting your business.


This social network is the one that your business must have. Facebook offers us to create a page for our business. This fan page will allow us to get closer to our clients and interact with them, shortening the barriers of time and distance. Your fans will be able to contact you through this page and will be aware of your updates. You can also promote these pages to reach a much larger audience.


This social network will allow you to connect with other companies or professionals, since the tone of this network is much more professional than all the others. This platform will allow you to set up a network of contacts, discussion groups, and other tools that will make it easier for you to establish beneficial connections for your business.


Through Instagram images you will generate a concept of your brand to your followers. Remember to share images that portray a unique moment, for example a celebration for the anniversary of your business, the opening of a new location, and you can even organize contests for your followers to share the best photos with the experience in your business.


This page, which strives to be a social network, will help your business have chekins, and it also allows your customers to post their opinions about your business. In this way, whoever wants to contact you can review this platform and see how good your customer experiences were.

2. You can reach more audiences through your own contacts

One way to make your business known is through the recommendations of people who have had contact with your business. If you establish a primary contact network, you can expand it through Facebook invites, Twitter retweets , or LinkedIn connections.

3. Constantly interact with your audience

In the social networks in which you are present, you always have to interact with your audience. This is a good way to show interest in opinions, suggestions, or even complaints about your business. If your public does not receive a response to their actions, you will end up driving them away from your social media pages.

4. Use offers and discounts as an attraction for your customers

One of the ways to attract the attention of your customers is to offer them exclusive benefits for followers, friends, or fans on social networks. Take advantage of making offers or discounts through these platforms, organize contests to replicate your content and therefore your brand.

5. Use resources such as images and videos

It has been proven that the content that attracts the most attention on social networks are images and videos. Take advantage of making your advertising in visual and audiovisual material, begin to know the interactions of your audience with this type of content.

6. Use social media widgets on your web platform

If you already have a web platform on the Internet, start connecting it with your social networks. Facebook and Twitter are the most famous in terms of widgets and plugins, which will allow your audience to interact much faster with the content of your web page.

7. Inform effectively about your business

In your social networks you have to be well positioned in it, and for this you have to effectively inform about your mission, vision and objectives so that your audience gets involved with your brand.

8. Don't just talk about your business on social media

Remember that in your social networks you will meet different audiences, therefore you do not need to fill them with publications about your business, you can also alternate publishing content of interest in general, such as current affairs, news, events that have to do with the line of your business . In this way you can capture the attention of other users, and bring them closer to your brand.

9. Take advantage of the statistics of social networks

Some social networks provide you with statistics by default, such as statistics from Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics. If you take advantage of these statistics and trends, you will be able to guide your strategies for each type of social network in order to have more audiences interacting on online platforms.

10. Use a mix of social networks and traditional media

In this article we do not guide you to stay with a single social network, but to put together a strategy with several of them. Remember that your business needs to be oriented to the different audiences of social networks so that you have a better positioning. Also, do not leave offline advertising , remember that social networks are just a tool that will allow you to take off towards success, the rest depends on your strategies.


Social media is a critical part of the digital age, and that trend is accelerating. To fuel your networking success, harness the power of social media and you'll find yourself with an ever-expanding network that fosters personal and professional growth.

After having read this article you will know what is the perfect way to direct your business towards success. Boost your business through social networks and put together the appropriate strategies according to your needs and expectations.
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