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Techniques to carry out a digital PR campaign As the world advances and new technologies move away from traditional practices, public relations also changes, creating digital strategies. However, as with most online marketing techniques, to implement a digital PR campaign it will be necessary to put together all its usual components.

It's important to understand that digital PR will only work when it's backed up by solid PR strategies, or else you could end up wasting time and money. Therefore, it is essential to have a strategy that meets all the requirements of your brand. Thanks to this, you will have many more opportunities for growth.


An agency is in charge of building ties between a brand and its target audience . To do this, you must use different tools and resources that can be useful to achieve the proposed goals, such as using  a buyer persona at the PR level , which usually coincides with the buyer personas that are made from Marketing. The advantage is that it allows you to save a lot of time, since dedication to digital communication must be almost complete. An exhaustive work with which the reputation and popularity of any business will be increased. This is what we do.
We are committed to improving the authority of companies that are on the Internet . Competition has not stopped increasing in recent years, so online reputation is good to work on as a competitive advantage. However, there are not many companies that pay attention to this aspect capable of marking their future without them knowing it. For this reason, there are fundamental parts that we must focus on and that should never be ignored.

Corporate communication strategy

One of the most relevant steps is based on designing and determining a corporate communication strategy. In it you have to establish the tone of the messages that your company is going to send to your customers. It is also important to know what is being said and how it is being said. This is something that must be worked on in depth, since talking about identity is not always easy. Here we put aside the products and services to focus on the business as such.
At this point you have to address and know the values ​​of the brand , know which target audience it is directed to, what its intentions are and also its history. Many consumers like to know how the company from which they are going to buy a product or service was born, what their initial motivations were and the way in which it has changed over the years. All this is interesting, attractive and makes a big difference between trusting that brand or not.

Media presence

Creating press releases, receiving a mention from  a specialized digital newspaper , talking to renowned blogs to do some collaboration and the work of social networks are aspects to which attention is paid with the PR. The objective remains the same: communicate the company's corporate values ​​or transmit its financial strength. This is what the messages that reach those media in which, as a brand, you are interested in being should focus on.
However, not all means are valid or appropriate depending on the objectives that have been determined. Therefore, it is necessary to choose them well so that the reputation improves remarkably . The fact that there are media outlets that talk about a brand is something that provides great value and enormous visibility, to the point that there are many companies that question whether it  is more profitable to carry out a PR strategy or a digital Marketing strategy .

Press releases

It is important to understand that the press release is the tool that corporate journalists use to get in touch with the editors of the media. It is not an end in itself. In other words, sometimes there are press releases that are used to be published in the media, but the strong transformation that the media have undergone forces them to increasingly generate exclusive and unique content.
Therefore, and except on rare occasions, the really relevant media do not publish a press release as it is sent by their PR agency or their press office. Typically, they will use it as a focus for a topic they are preparing or as a starting point for doing research.

Influence and brand positioning

When the media start talking about your company and the corporate communication strategy has been the right one, it is inevitable that the influence begins to increase . This will have a direct impact on the positioning of your company. External links allow you to increase organic traffic, get the attention of more people who can become customers and get a good reputation that increases profits.

However, it is necessary to have these types of links very controlled. There are pages in which we may not be interested in your company being because it diminishes its reputation. Therefore, the work must be exhaustive. At certain times, you have to pay a lot of attention to have those pages located and request the removal of the links that go to your business website. 

crisis management

All companies go through some  communication crisis , from the best known to the least . However, this should not be a reason to get nervous and scared. These situations become valuable opportunities to improve online reputation . Although they may seem contrary terms, they are not. A well-managed crisis will not only be able to use the problem to its advantage, but also increase visibility, reputation and increase sales.
It is essential to take into account some fundamental aspects such as the early approach of any type of risk and the design of a prior strategy . The purpose is to have a plan to know how to act calmly in this type of case, do it well and make the crisis turn into something positive for your brand. Crises do not have to be bad if we take advantage of them well.

Communication with clients

Communication with customers is not always easy. You have to avoid certain tones, offer answers and solutions as quickly as possible , as well as always respond, even to those dissatisfied consumers who leave unpleasant opinions about your company. The PR focuses on working with this, on designing strategies that allow addressing these problems with high efficiency. Communication with clients is essential through all means.

From the website's own chat to direct messages on social networks. The control must be exhaustive so that all comments receive a response without delay. This is going to improve trust in customers, so you will have to offer a solution that is easy. It is not enough to tell them to write an email or do an action that requires many steps. You have to offer facilities to customers whenever possible.


The 'copy' is no longer exclusively the creative editor of the advertising agency of a lifetime. But neither is he the corporate journalist from a traditional press office, whose work is focused on writing interesting news for other journalists who work in the media as editors.

The digital transformation of companies has made them need to generate a lot of digital content so that the values ​​that each brand embodies appear as results on Google or are displayed on social networks.

For this reason, organizations are increasingly demanding hybrid writers, halfway between what is the news writer of a lifetime and the creative writer of a traditional advertising agency.

In short,  the copywriter of today is as creative as a journalist  and, in addition, they have to understand video, image and website editing, since a large part of the content they prepare will not be merely text.

Techniques you should keep in mind to create a digital PR campaign

Over the years, technology has evolved and the same has happened with the strategies carried out to promote a brand. Although traditional practices may continue to work in certain contexts, today digital techniques carry great weight.

If you are thinking of innovating and want to immerse yourself in these new technologies, here are techniques that will help you carry out an excellent digital PR campaign so that your brand achieves the objectives you set for yourself.
Define your digital public relations goals
The main goal of the digital PR campaign is build a strong brand and increase your visibility, and this is achieved using digital tools. To make this possible, it is essential that you define what the objectives of your general strategy will be.

The objectives will differ from one brand to another. For example, if you are a start-up company, you may be interested in focus on generating visibility and recognitionwhile if your company already has a long history you probably want increase your portfolio of potential clients through reputation Of the brand.
Analyze your audience
Your content must be tailored to your audience, so that it is related to it and thus connects with your brand. You can do this by identifying what their needs and pain points are.

It is important that you also keep in mind certain demographic data:

Socioeconomic information.

Research your competitors
Another fundamental technique is to research your competition and understand what they are doing in terms of digital PR. What are the techniques they are using? What digital PR campaigns have they carried out? Which ones are you most successful with? Try as much as possible to learn from their successes.
Find out what your brand voice is
One of the most important parts of running a digital PR campaign is identifying your brand voice.

you need to find what could your brand talk about or how it would relate to the interests of your target audience with confidence. To do this, it is recommended that you make a list of topics that fit your audience and brand, as this will allow you to proceed with better content creation.

If you believe that there is no relationship between what you show and your audience, it is most likely that you will not achieve great coverage at the time of presenting your campaign in digital media.
create content
Something very important is to create original and interesting content. How many times a day do you see sponsored ads on your social networks? Many, right? Users are responsible for interacting with this type of content or not.

Therefore, it is best that you outsmart the competition and offer creative and personalized content. The best way to make a digital PR campaign successful is empowering visual data. You can achieve this using gifs or videos, since the audiovisual format has a great weight in current online content.
Choose the right media
When you already know your target audience, it is essential that you also know what they do and where they spend their time online. This means that you must choose correctly where that campaign will be distributed.

If you have a local business, it is best to focus on local publications. But if your business is already specialized, the ideal is to use a communication channel or hire an influencer that is related to your niche. Thanks to this, you will be able to get a best return on investment at the time of launching your campaign.

In the event that you run a 100% online business, having a suitable website and an optimized web customer service system is key. Knowing how to use live chat, chatbots, knowledge bases and other tools that help with customer communication will also help you send the message you want to convey to your audience.
build links
Once your campaign has launched and is starting to impact posts, the next thing you need to do is build links.

But why is it important to build links? Basically so that users easy click in the post link, redirecting to your website without any effort.

Create a successful digital PR campaign

It does not matter if your business is a school, if it is related to gardening, if it is a law firm or a clothing store, because for any sector there will always be a digital public relations campaign that is The most appropriate.

Digital PR strategies will unlock more opportunities for your company, making it possible for it to reach the potential audience and not just the customer database that you have already achieved over time.

Your audience will always keep evolving, so you need to make sure use the best techniques that lead you to create successful campaigns. So put these learnings to work and let us know how they worked for you.
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