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How to Attract More Customers to your Business You already have an accessories and costume jewelry business, a profitable but very competitive market (remember that even in saturated markets you can get profitability) and now you need to focus on attracting more customers to it to increase the sales of your business.

In a market as competitive as that of accessories and fine jewelry, it is important to offer your customers not only quality products, but also unique design features that make them feel special, and decide to purchase one of your pieces.

This type of business is perfect to start with little capital, the important thing is to have the necessary creativity to stand out and stay in the market.

In the event that you have already created your jewelry business, but you feel that sales have stagnated, it is time to ask yourself: What can I do to be able to stimulate my sales again?

That is why we have made this article in which we will present you with a list of infallible solutions that you can apply to your accessories and jewelry business, whether it is small, medium or large, and that will help you increase sales and your income.

Consider applying these surefire tips from Gananci to find clients and learn how to spot them:

How to attract more customers to your jewelry and accessories business

There are several strategies that a jewelery company can implement, whether it is jewelery to wear, jewelery for women, now we also have a market niche in fine jewelery for men.

Here are some.
Offer services
The first thing we advise you to start the sales engine is not to get stuck only in offering the products, also venture into the services.

Costume jewelery is a field with many possibilities, an idea of ​​service could be the realization of personalized accessories at the customer's request.

In this way you guarantee a specific service for each person, so the result of the accessories will be completely different.
Work with new materials
As a complement to the previous point, you can use new materials in the making of your garments. To make the service you offer more special, you can start working with precious metals, only for special requirements if you do not have much capital. This will allow you to capture a whole new audience and will set you apart from the competition.
Associate with an NGO
This type of associations can be beneficial for your business, if you have a direct cause to affiliate with your products, do not hesitate to do so. NGOs are always willing to increase their visibility, and if you can help them with that and also attract new clients, give it a try.

Investing in products related to social causes is something that goes hand in hand with accessories. Look at the case of the "Livestrong" bracelets created by the cyclist Lance Armstrong to help raise awareness about cancer and support other institutions. You can do the same, evaluate your options and discover the one that you feel you can support with the presence of your product.

This type of association can help you and the NGO to get free publicity from the traditional media, on television or radio programs they can present their new alliance and get followers to support their cause.
Take advantage of Social Networks
They are an essential factor to increase the sales of any business and attract more customers in this modern age; it's possible attract customers from Facebook to Pinterestgoing through Instagram, these platforms are your best ally because you can advertise without having to invest large sums of money.

One piece of advice you should take to stand out on these networks is to polish the quality of your publications to the maximum, make the photography show the details of the product, you can even use people who serve as a model and thus show how each accessory really looks on the body. .

Another tip is to make the content something attractive with words, show in what you write what you know about the product and how it could benefit your buyers.
Make Giveaways and Discounts
Even if your target is more conservative, they will appreciate this initiative. Study the prices of each of your products, and evaluate those that you have not sold for a long time so that you can offer discounts. This activity will attract the attention of new customers and you can encourage those who are most loyal to your brand to buy.

Consider rewarding your most loyal buyers in raffles that you can apply on social networks or in your physical store, in this way you will create a bond that few brands have with their customers.

Other popular discounts are two for one, or offering a big discount on the second unit that they add to the purchase such as 70% off the second unit. You can also run more original contests like scavenger hunts, etc. In the world of jewelry accessories creativity should have no limits.

To learn more about how to attract customers learn the ways to influence people. I'm sure this will give you the push you needed.

If this note was interesting to you please leave us your comments at the foot and share it on your social networks.

Since the advent of digital transformation, competitiveness has multiplied and to be visible to consumers, a company must use all the tools at its disposal. If you're wondering how to attract customers to my business  to increase sales, don't miss these tips!

In addition to high competitiveness, consumer habits continue to change and adapt to new market trends . As if that wasn't enough, there are multiple channels and strategies to choose from, and if you're not familiar with all of them, chances are you don't even know where to start.

But the beginning should always be your ideal customer profile. That is, your buyer persona . Carrying out marketing strategies without targeting anyone in particular is literally throwing your money away. Therefore, your first step will be to define the characteristics of the public you are targeting and their purchase cycle , since in this way, you will be able to outline all the actions that you carry out so that they are directed only to that one. With this clear, we can now move on to the tips to attract customers to your business!
Use content marketing
If your idea is to become a benchmark within your sector, it is not enough that you think that you are. You need to prove it to your customers ! To achieve this, content marketing will be your great ally, since through texts that are useful and interesting , you will be adding value to your buyer persona. And how to invest in it? Well, the easiest way is through a blog. Remember to be constant and establish a calendar for your publications .
Create a profile on social networks
And if you already have your blog created, the best way to spread the content through a multitude of channels and to reach a large number of users is through social networks. Investigate which networks are the most similar to your type of business and start working on your profiles.
Improve your brand image
To give an image of coherence and professionalism, all your actions must be in the same line. For this reason, in addition to creating a blog and having a presence on social networks, you must make sure that your own brand image is consistent . We refer to the colors you use, the design of your logo, the structure of your website, your values ​​or the type of promotions you offer , among many others.
Loyalty strategies
And if other companies can help attract more customers to my business, the buyers themselves can do it too, or at least increase sales. To do this, use loyalty strategies, such as cards, points or discount coupons with a limited time .
Invest in advertising
Digital advertising is less expensive than what was used in the past. Now, through Google Ads or the social networks themselves, they have multiple options to target and attract your ideal customer profile.
Help yourself with technology
Today there are many software adapted to the different needs of companies. IF what you want is to attract customers and get them to buy, you will need to know them very well and be able to control all the actions they carry out. We refer to CRM , a software whose purpose is to improve the relationship with your current and potential customers and put their experience and satisfaction at the epicenter of everything you do.
Offer free trials
In certain industries, offering a free trial for a limited period of time can help you engage your potential customers. Freemium business models give you the opportunity to interact with the services offered, and as your movements and needs increase, so will the probability of switching to the paid version.
Get positive reviews
As we said at the beginning, the opinion that counts about you is the one that your clients have, so you cannot miss the opportunity to have them say it publicly . In addition to social networks, you can also create a profile on Google My Business and improve your image locally.
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