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10 Tips for Having a Business Card That Stands Out your business card It is, in addition to your own presence, the first element of presentation of your company. Needless to say, it is essential to always have a card holder with at least 10 business cards at hand.

If you go to a meeting or event Either way, those 10 cards won't be enough, which is why I usually have one of those little plastic boxes in my wallet with enough cards to fill my card case.

Remember, it is inadmissible to run out of cards in an event!

Now let's talk a little about the design of business cards. Regarding the visual and communicational part, the best thing is, without a doubt, to hire a professional graphic designer, so that they can design the entire image of the company and apply it to all the commercial stationery: logo, business card , envelopes, letterhead, banners, etc.

Another alternative Less personalized but more professional than if you do it yourself (unless you are a designer, of course) is to resort to a professional template that you can get on the Internet for very little money, see for example: GraphicRiver. You can also use a program like Canva

Now I am going to share 10 tips to improve your business card

1. Use both sides of the card
Check with your printer, the difference they charge you for printing both sides is very little and you have twice the chance of communicating with your potential client. What to put on the back of the business card? Let's look at some ideas:

A list of your services
A list of your most popular products
Something useful
Your bio (although brief, it is very important in the case of a professional)
The design of this business card is difficult to forget due to its extreme degree of customization

2. Make sure your card says something about you
There are so many boring cards out there, probably because someone starting their business put “card printing” on their to-do list and didn't give it a second thought. Your card should be something unique, creative and highlight the special qualities you bring to the business.

The card above is hard to forget. The person who received it will surely have no problem remembering it and will be able to associate it with the person who gave it to them.
3. Make important information easy to find
If you want to receive calls, highlight the phone number!
4. Make your card clearly communicate the nature of your business
You weren't Coca-Cola after all (at least not yet...). Check your file of received cards and see if you can know what each one is about. Sometimes it's impossible, right? For example, let's see if you know what these people do:

Carlos Pérez (Oh Carlitos, what is your business?)
The Universal
The insuperable

Please don't make it difficult for people to do business with you.. Those nondescript cards that do not communicate or what they do are the first to arrive in the wastebasket, right?

Your business card should immediately communicate what you do and what problem you can solve for that potential customer.
5. Emphasize the benefits of doing business with you
Sometimes a simple phrase or slogan under your logo is enough to perfectly communicate what the customer will achieve if they do business with you.
6. Always include the address of your website and a contact email
That information is as important as the phone. Here I want to emphasize again the importance of having your own domain. A URL like “mybusiness.blogspot.com” or “[email protected]»
7. Communicate your USP
In other words, your Unique Sales Proposition. It is what makes you stand out from the competition. What is your PUB: price, quality, location, guarantee, etc.? If you don't know it, it's time to know how to create a PUB.
8. Include your logo, color and typography
All of your promotional materials should establish a recognizable and consistent image of your company. Although it seems obvious, your business card should have the same font and colors as your stationery, brochures, etc. It is YOUR image. It is the one who speaks for you when you are not physically present.

Color also communicates. There are colors that are suitable for your brand and others that are not.

I leave you a small guide to know how to choose the right color for your brand.

Typography is a subject in itselfit is not the letter that you like the most that you have to use but the one that best communicates your message.

What do you want to transmit? Modernity? Tradition? Seriousness? Human warmth? The different fonts have the ability to convey the intention of the message, it is what is called meta message in communication.

Do not you believe it? I propose an exercise, look at the fonts used by the most popular series on Netflix (take a broad sample). It doesn't matter that you can't identify the name of the font, it matters that you pay attention to its characteristics. Would the poster for the series in question convey the same message if it had a different typeface?

Take, for example, the poster for The Crown, with its serif typeface (the serif is that little twist or ending that some typefaces have) that communicates tradition and respectability. Now can you imagine that same poster in Comic Sans? Impossible, right?

If you like a font you see online and want to know what it is, you can install an extension called WhatFont in your browser, which is very useful.
9. Do something really different
For example, you can put your photo on the card, or stamp it with a special shape linked to your company, print it on sheet metal, on plastic, on a CD. This advice has to be handled with caution, because sometimes people go overboard and there is no way to file the card. If you want your card to be filed in a common card holder, you should not stray too far from the conventional measurement, which is 9 cm long x 5 cm high.
10. The stand
Take a good look at the paper you are going to print the card on. It has to have a certain "body" (about 300 grs/m2), not bend everything, be of good quality and not shiny. Many people believe that using illustration paper for their brochures or cards communicates a higher quality, to me in particular they convey a totally opposite image.

They also make reading tremendously difficult and, as if that were not enough, they do not allow writing on them. For me it is very important to be able to make a small note on it that will help me later identify the person who gave it to me.


This is an extra tip: Circulate your card! It is useless to keep the card in the card holder, you have to circulate it.

Depending on the nature of your business, it might even be useful to circulate it outside of your usual circuit. When you send a letter by traditional mail, include a card in the envelope.

Did you know that there are also specialized cards for networking activities?

Do you have any other tips to share? We leave your comments below. And if you found it useful, please share this note among your colleagues and on your social networks.
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