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Do you have an Online Business? How to Convert Traffic into Customers Starting an online business is the easiest part of the process, because once it is up and running, finding potential customers who will actually consider buying from you is a task that takes time and effort.

There are many things to do to close a deal with a client, but initially you have to worry about generating visits to the website.

Once you get those visits, the hardest part comes, converting them into customers, those people who not only look, but also buy!

Here we mention some of the tactics that you must carry out to convert traffic into customers.

How to convert traffic into customers

Increasing web traffic is not based on free marketing actions, sometimes it is better to delegate the tasks to a web positioning agency to achieve the goals in a short time.

While it is true that it is less expensive than TV advertising, it is also true that activities related to digital marketing must have a budget, especially if the plan is being executed from scratch.

According to data provided by Marketo, a website specializing in Email Marketing and other solutions such as Account Based Marketing, states that 96% of visitors who come to a website are not ready to buy (yet).

And that's backed up by data from Hubspot, which says that 48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine. These are statistics that support the suspicion about why conversions take time.

Just as the market gives you clues about its behavior, it also gives you some rules or techniques to try to make part of that “undecided” traffic decide to buy from you. Here some of them:
Prepare a one page case study
According to Neil Patel, another important industry figure, 13% of website visitors go to the “Case Study” page. In that small percentage there is a great possibility of getting some conversion, even when it is not the definitive one.

World-renowned companies like Facebook are using it to explain how their solutions are solving a person's problems. The way in which you structure the information of those who are already customers, is key to creating a case study that really promotes conversions.

Your case study should include customer testimonials to further validate the case. You can often see case studies with vague or inaccurate information and, at that point, far from converting, it leaves room for doubt. And I don't think you want to leave room for your potential customers to have second thoughts.

However, if you have any doubts about how to structure the information in the case studies, take a look at how Facebook teaches its success stories.
Include testimonials from your customers
Carrying out a case study takes time because you have to create a text that really shows how your business has helped specific clients, that means that you will have to schedule appointments with your clients to start collecting information, review the records to determine when it started to experience the changes, verify the status of the client before hiring or buying you, in short, there are a lot of things that you must complete.

While preparing a good case study, you can ask your most loyal clients for a testimonial, to send you in writing their impressions of working with you;

What did you think of your product or service?
What changes have you achieved since you started working together?
What do you like most about hiring you?
Is there a way to talk about numbers?

In other words, suppose you are a travel agency and that compared to others, your clients can save 20%.

Talking about numbers, savings or quality of service is an unmissable plus when creating case studies or testimonials, so don't hesitate to include them when creating this type of material.

The image you see is a screenshot of one of the Genwords pages, in this are some testimonials that support one of the services of this Content Marketing agency.

In other words, the idea is that you can expose your strengths and that they are supported by those who have decided to work with you.
offer something for free
If there is something from traditional marketing that we must continue to apply in a digital strategy, it is free trials. In Santo Domingo (to name any city in this region) you can still see brand stands, to give potential customers a free trial.

They are usually inside supermarkets and it is a marketing action that drives sales, because if you liked the product or you are an impulsive buyer, you pay for it right there immediately after trying it.

Buzzsumo is a useful platform that helps you create valuable content for your business, where you can find the best in your industry and check what your potential customers like to read.

For a time it offered a free trial for 14 days, once the client squeezes all the juice out of the tool, he falls in love and would have no problem paying for the tool after the free trial time has passed. But before we told you how you can use Buzzsumo for free to know what topics your visitors like the most (Look at the link above).

Netflix applies the same strategy and for you to do the same you must make sure to offer a product or service that you are sure of, that with your eyes closed, once the free time has expired, the client contracts the service.

In other words, before applying this strategy you have to work on your product, refine it, improve it, make it unique and incomparable. When you think he's ready to beat the free trial, offer it.
Create properly segmented content
You may find it a bit trite or repetitive, but according to the 4th study of Content Marketing in LATAM and Spain, 37% claim to have a content marketing strategy but without documentation, and it is precisely this documentation that makes your efforts marketing generate positive results.

The documentation on your content strategy covers a lot of things that you must attend to, but in order not to feel overwhelmed, you can start with creating content that is properly segmented.

This means that if, for example, you have several types of Buyer Personas, create content so that each one of them feels cared for and not only that, but also do it thinking about where they are in your sales funnel.
Show who has trusted you
Neil Patel has given it a rather controversial name "porn logo" and although it has nothing to do with something perverted, he believes that showing the logos of the companies that have contracted your services It is a plus that cannot be wasted.

To convert traffic into customers you have to exploit all the channels so that your value proposition is perceived as unique, you certainly have to focus on getting traffic and you do that with a plan on SEO, SEM, content. But once they are inside, what are you going to offer so that they become customers?
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