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The Purpose of Network Marketing At my recent Marketing Mastery conference one of my former students, Sharon Rich, gave a presentation on networking, more specifically on the purpose of networking.

And now I would like share with you some concepts that I found very interesting and useful:

Sharon first divided those present into four groups. Then each group received different instructions on how to interact with people in a networking event.

Each group took on a particular approach, namely:

Group 1. Try to obtain references and business from all the participants of the event.
Group 2. Try to give referrals and business to everyone.
Group 3. Just enjoy and have fun.
Group 4. Try to find ways to create collaborations.

I was in group 2 and had a great time. I listened to everyone carefully and thought of different ways to provide them with valuable references and connections.

Group #1 tended to drive people away with their incessant request for referrals and connections.

Group #3 had fun but really ended up without any valuable connection one way or the other.

Group #4 made some progress, but they were always trying to set up meetings, perhaps before they knew what they needed to know about the person they were talking to.

My personal view is that in networking I tend to go for case #1 and worry about whether the people I'm talking to are potential customers or not. So I prejudge a lot and I don't talk to a lot of people.

I feel like I'm a bit “rusty” when it comes to networking.

I found that the most powerful place to be was #2, where I can get to know the person I'm talking to and see if I can give them ideas, connections, resources, etc.

But that's not to say I can't also send them an article and get them on my list or even follow up if I judge there's a potential connection.

The Purpose of Networking

To end the session, Sharon challenged us with the following question,
What is the purpose of networking?
People gave a variety of responses, with most saying some good things, like making valuable connections, developing relationships, being a resource, increasing visibility and credibility, etc., but Sharon had something else in mind.

Then I realized, I enlightened. I have it.
The purpose of networking is to grow your network!
And within that purpose you can do all those other things.

But now you are looking to go beyond the typical one-on-one connections. Now you are interested in creating, building and nurturing a network for the long term, a network that can help you keep your business healthy.

As freelancers, we tend to isolate ourselves. We are on our own, doing almost everything ourselves. If we want to be truly successful, we need a network that we can turn to for support, connections, referrals, ideas, and resources.

And to grow your network you need to do more than just attend networking meetings. You can do much more.

Everyone is at the center of their own network, even if you belong to multiple network groups. Build that network. Introduce people in your network to others. Support your network, nurture it. make up for it Have fun in it.

Now think about what you would do differently if you truly considered the purpose of networking to be building your network. I bet it's something bigger and more exciting than the way you usually think of networking!

When I started my business in San Francisco, I attended a lot of networking events with organizations like the SF Chamber of Commerce, professional associations, etc.

But I have also built my own network. I organized lunches in my office, twice a month I attended business brainstorming meetings, in partnership with other members we organized great networking events, etc.

As a result of all that activity I got a lot of word-of-mouth business because I had visibility and contributed to others.

Later, when I moved my business online, I built a large email list and kept in touch with people through my weekly newsletter. And then with the members of the More Clients club, we have a very active online forum, where people connect, ask questions and share resources.

The possibilities to grow your network of contacts are everywhere.

I am now interested in building a stronger personal network here in the Santa Cruz area. There is really no substitute for meeting people face to face (as the Conference reminded me).

The question for you is: What can you do to build your network?

I recommend you think more in the long term than in the short term.

Who do you want to know?
Who should know what you do?
What can you do to bring those people together and connect?

How to build the best marketing objectives?

There is a widely used principle regarding the definition of objectives, when building them it is said that these must be SMART , which by its definition in English means:
make them specific
What do you want to achieve with marketing? Where is it intended to go?

By defining a specific goal you can focus much more effectively. If you consider that your objective is still very general, try to break it down into specific objectives or deliverables that allow you to reach it.
that can be measured
What will allow us to know if the objective was achieved or not? What is the KPI that will let us know?

When a goal is set in a way that it can be measured, we can get an idea of ​​the performance of the team working to achieve it.
that are achievable
Are you aware of the reality of your business?

A marketing objective must be achievable so that your team sees it as motivation and works for it. Nobody likes to work for something out of the real thing, right?
make them relevant
Is the marketing objective that you have raised really relevant to the operation of the company? What will be its impact with the organization and with customers?
That a time be stipulated to achieve it
After defining the previous points, what is the time that will give you a better result for analysis? Is it necessary to consider one or several periods?

When a deadline is established for the achievement of a marketing objective, it also helps with the planning and execution of the work to achieve it.

So what would a SMART goal look like?

For you to perceive the difference, it is not the same to have an objective that aims to:

Increase visits to our website, for example.

To a goal:

Increase visits to our website by 25% during the next quarter and by creating 5 new materials achieve a 15% increase in the conversion rate of the same.

This last option is more in line with what was seen before, right?

I encourage you to leave your comments below.

Also please share this note with your network via social media!
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