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Business Cards : How to stand out from the crowd In any event, there are people who do not stop raising cards, they are a kind of card collectors. But when they go through their stack of cards the next day, they don't remember much about the person who gave it to them. And you, What do you want them to remember about you?

The networking cards they are a particular twist on traditional business cards; they usually have the same size but the information is slightly different, as they are more oriented towards marketing and recall.

A couple of years ago I started using networking cards, and I can tell you that I have achieved best results with them than with traditional business cards.

Networking Cards Versus Conventional Business Cards

A business card advertises who you are – your name, company, position and contact information. Honestly, I have stacks of business cards in my office. When I flip through them, there are a few faces that I remember and I rarely remember anything about the person. Even many times I can't remember at which event I met the person.

When you listen for the first time about networking cards, I found some examples of what they should include. There was a lot of general information, but few details. The idea intrigued me and I decided to give it a try.

Since there is the possibility to print cards on the office printer, it is easy to try different approaches to see which one works best for you.

What is a Business Card like?

The front of my card has my photo, so people can remember who I am. At first I had my reservations as I had only seen real estate agents do this. However it has been very helpful. Several people have told me that this detail helped them remember me and when I meet someone for lunch, it is easy for them to locate me, even when I am in a crowd.

The front of the card also has my email address, phone number, LinkedIn profile, Twitter Id, Facebook page and blog.

A network card it tells people much more about you than a conventional business card.
Some approaches to design the network card

In the front and under your name you could put your slogan. It is the concept by which you want to be known.
The back of card as a micro resume. You can list your achievements, highlight various aspects of your career with your career achievements, or even the industries you focus on. It makes you more interesting and memorable.
The card back as a marketing tool. You can print your marketing message, or a 1-2 sentence description of the problems you solve for your customers.
The back of the card for the presentation of an offer. Give people a reason to review your card by offering a free report or newsletter.
The back of card as a visual micro resume. If you're an author, you can put your book covers on the back or you could put some of your product designs on there or even display your blog.

In today's age of clear, short messages, the networking card is perfect for lovers of Twitter and Facebook who are business networks. It forces you to highlight your best or most relevant features and present them in a meaningful way.

If you are trying to spread your business by networking, your name must pass the following test, let's see an example. If someone says "MacDonalds," we think of hamburgers; if he says "Ford," we think of cars. If someone said your name or the name of your company, what would immediately come to mind?

Business card label

“A business card is not just a piece of cardboard. . . it's an opportunity"
This is a very popular phrase that is often heard very often by entrepreneurs and businessmen. And it is very true, business cards usually serve to a great extent to generate contact networks and demonstrate a positive image of the company abroad. All this is achieved thanks to the label.

Business card etiquette is that when you give one, the person receiving it has to give you their business card back as a sign of courtesy. This is very useful because it helps you obtain contact information for prospects that may become customers in the future.

Also, if a person offers you their business card and you, as a representative of the company, do not have one, you generate a negative image since this means that your business is not big (or serious) enough to have this element. .

Business cards are not only used in the business world, they are also used very frequently in the academic and professional area as a symbol of status and hierarchy.

Now that we know a little more about the history and importance of business cards, it is time to analyze the most important elements that this type of card should contain.
Business card Other elements
Before this, it is necessary to clarify that the elements of the business card depend directly on your company.

For example, if you are a real estate consultant, it is not necessary to put your social networks, on the contrary, if you work for a digital marketing agency , the Facebook or Twitter account are essential.

1. Full name

Like the cards of the 18th century, the full name is an element that cannot be missing from your card.

Depending on the degree of formality you want to give it, you can use abbreviations or not.

For example:

If you are a lawyer, it is advisable to use your full name to give it more seriousness, but if you are a public relations representative for an artist, you can use a first and last name.

2. Position, positions or degrees of studies

Before it was very common to find business cards with huge titles like:

"Doctor in Constitutional Law and Amparo"; 

"Fourth Civil Judge of the Judiciary of the State of Mexico" or 

“General Director of Product Development and Editorial Content Generation”.

However, today it is not recommended that all titles be placed in full because it is usually considered pretentious, on the contrary, it is recommended that the titles be as short as possible, such as:

"Doctor of Law";

"Civil Judge" or

"Director of Product Development"

Remember that simplicity is very important when creating a business card.

3. Logo and company name

Another of the essential elements of business cards is the logo because it helps maintain an image of seriousness and authority for the company. The logo works as an element of social proof and builds confidence that the company exists and is not some kind of fraud or something like that.

If you're still unsure of your business name or want to renew it, there are free name generators that can help you do just that.

Remember that it is important to have a logo that represents the essence of your brand and that can grow together with your company.

4. Contact details

The contact information depends on the objectives and the style of the company; however, there are two elements that cannot be missing:

Business email. You have to ensure that the email that has your business card is with the domain of your company and not with the domain of a traditional system such as Gmail or Hotmail. This is important for the business card to fulfill its function of generating authority.
A phone number. It is always necessary to have more than one communication channel, therefore, having a telephone number is very important since it provides a synchronous means of communication for people who want to contact you.

Other elements that can be considered are:

The physical address, but with the increase in virtual offices it is no longer so necessary.
Social networks, mainly for companies with a young  market segment .

It is also important that you take into account aspects of the quality of the cards such as the material, the type of printing and the card holder, as these three elements will help you create a more professional image.

Branding is another element that you must take into account when creating your business cards, so make sure you have a solid one built. In our article " How to do Branding on social networks without being too aggressive " we leave you some suggestions that can help you build your branding and that can be perfectly applied to your business cards.


I've got more calls months after meeting someone because of my networking card than my business card.

When someone asks me for the card, I give them my network card, but I clarify that it is a network card, not a business card. believe it or not, that alone makes her memorable and sparks conversation. However, some traditionalists do not understand this. It's okay.

Better to be remembered for being different than forgotten for being another face in the crowd without distinction .

What do you think? Do you have other tips to share? Leave us your comments below.
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