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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Why optimize your LinkedIn profile? Because LinkedIn is one of the most prestigious and useful social networks of the moment and less used strategically; Unlike FB or Twitter, LinkedIn is focused on career development and business.

The current economic situation and its impact on the labor market make it increasingly important to have a good network of contacts (networking) and adequate personal brand management.

And this is where a social network like linkedIn becomes an extremely useful tool to boost your business or professional career.

One of the outstanding features of LinkedIn is its professional nature. LinkedIn isn't the place to share photos of kids or vacations, it's the place to network.

Many people sign up for this social network but few use it frequently and correctly.

To help you get the best out of this social network, we have compiled a series of expert tips and have grouped them into 3 sections:

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
How to use LinkedIn to develop a network of contacts (networking)
How to use LinkedIn for marketing

In this note we will deal with the first group and in the next few days we will incorporate the others.

11 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

First things first, before starting to work on your networking it is essential to prepare your presentation and give it the highest possible visibility.
1. Customize your URL
As in Facebook, it is possible to customize your url. So instead of having a link with a bunch of numbers, you'll have one with your name .

You can customize your url by editing your profile, at the bottom of the photo you will see the link to customize it.
2. Add your Photo
Mexican expert Bellie Sastre says that on LinkedIn a profile that has a photo appears 14 times more in a search than one that does NOT have one. 14 times more! An opportunity to stand out just for uploading your photo.

But of course not just any photo. LinkedIn is not Facebook (and still there…), the photo has to be professional, no group photos (or cropped from a group where you can still see your boyfriend's arm), photos on a light or dark background but without distractions, closeups, updated, not from when you turned 15!
3. Create a badge with your profile on your personal blog
If you have a personal website or blog, it is possible to promote your LinkedIn profile on it. Adding a profile badge that links to your public LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn offers different layouts to choose from, and you can configure yours from here.
4. Highlight the visibility of the links to your website or blog
You can (and should) change the link to your website so that instead of the default legend "My Website" appearing, the name of your company or website appears with the link.

Look at the illustration in the third place, when choosing “Other” it asks me for the name of the website and its url.

Another alternative is to use keywords appropriate to your activity in the link.

Each profile can have up to 3 links to your blogs or website.

You can customize them in the following way:

Edit your profile > Additional Information > Websites, then click on each link, choose “Other” from the dropdown menu and change the name. That easy.
5. Optimize your profile for search engines
There are several sections of the profile where you can add keywords related to your activity in the text. That way you increase the chances for your profile to appear in a related search.

According to the expert Lewis Howes there is 5 ideal places to put keywords:

Owner (add location if it is a local business)
current experience
past experience
Skills and knowledge

It is important to highlight the impact that the extract or summary has, since people do not usually read everything, a good summary It helps to highlight your career and experience.

It is noteworthy that also we can make our profile in another languagefor which better than writing first in one language and then in the same document, we change the language by choosing from the link on the top right in the profile and add our profile in another language.

For all these texts, it is convenient to work it in an external word processor, to see if the number of words is within the requirements of this network (which is changing), that it is professionally written, without spelling mistakes, that it is attractive, etc. .
6.Install apps
LinkedIn provides different applications that can help you improve your profile.
Check the Application Directory to see availability.

Some of the ones I find most interesting are:

SlideShare: to show your presentations on LinkedIn
WordPress or BlogLink: to automatically publish your posts on LinkedIn.
Events: Find professional events, from congresses to local meetings, and contact other professionals at the event.

LinkedIn doesn't have as many apps available as Facebook, but the ones that do exist are very useful professionally.
7. Take advantage of “Saved Searches”
LinkedIn allows you to search for people and companies based on a multitude of criteria using the advanced search form. Here you have to learn to use Boolean operators to make a deeper and more focused search. To see the Google operators, look here.

And as if you manage to define the search well, you will be left with a very long “formula”, then you can save it (up to 3 searches) to use it later and get more results.

But we can enhance all of this even more because you should know that it is possible to receive weekly or monthly reminders via email when a person who meets the requirements of one of our "saved searches" signs up for LinkedIn.

This is a very powerful option to increase our contacts and not just any contact, well segmented contacts. With which of course it is essential that you dedicate yourself to well define the profile of your ideal client.
8. Extend the life of your questions
Perhaps you already use "Answers" (this option is found in the horizontal menu, More> Answers) to clarify doubts about topics in your industry or sector of activity. If so, you may have noticed that, after a period of time, the opportunity to answer the questions is no longer available.

To prolong the life of your questions and give users more time to provide answers, click "See all my questions and answers" on the right hand side, click the question you'd like to revive, and then "open again". this question", which will extend its validity for a further 7 days.
9. Find a job through the jobs section
Now that you have generated a good resume you can use it to get a new job using the jobs section on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn not only suggests possible positions based on your CV, but also allows you to actively search by industry and location.
10. Get Social Proof
LinkedIn recently launched a new feature called Endorsement (possibly to be titled Apoyo o Respaldo in the Spanish version), which allows users to endorse their contacts in the skills they have listed in the skills and knowledge section of their profile – or recommend one that they haven't listed yet.

Anyway, it's about showing social proof.

These backups will then appear on your profile within the same section, as you can see in the image.

It is very easy to use because next to each aptitude or knowledge a + sign will be shown and just by clicking on it your vote or endorsement will be activated.

This feature serves to boost the credibility of your profile.

In the meantime it is important that you review the skills that you have already entered and add the ones you consider important, put the ones you think are most important first because the order in which you enter them will be the order in which they will be displayed.

A tip here. LinkedIn allows you to add up to 52 skills, which is really a lot, if you don't fill them out, LinkedIn will probably add the ones it deems appropriate and maybe add some that you are not interested in highlighting. You can remove it but in time it will reappear, so think about how you can complete it at your convenience.

And another important detail about the endorsement is that LinkedIn displays them in decreasing order based on the number of recommendations. If that order of importance satisfies you, all good, But what if the skill you're most interested in highlighting has fallen to the bottom of the list?

You should know that it has a solution, fortunately you can use the “drag and drop” technique or drag and drop and arrange the list so that the skills you want to highlight are at the top. You will see how in a short time, they are also the ones that receive the most recommendations.
11. Get More Social Proof: Ask for Recommendations
Then there are the recommendations. It is very important because unlike the support you may receive for your skills and experience, the person who recommends you writes a line explaining that you have worked with them on such a project and highlights the value of your work.

Endorsing skills is easier and requires a few clicks, but when someone sits down to write a recommendation, it involves more commitment and has more value.

you have to ask for them, people rarely take the trouble to write it on their own. Then you have to see if you can add some keyword of your sector in the recommendation (ask the person).

IMPORTANT: But please you don't ask a person you don't know in person for a recommendation, to a person who has not really worked with you, is nonsense. You don't know how many times I get requests from people I don't know asking for recommendations.

People who tell me that I can ask them whatever I want. It was missing more, that I had to answer the questions that they indicate me!. Honestly, you cannot recommend a person or company with which you have not worked. Let's be serious, please.
LinkedIn can be a powerful ally for the development of your professional career or company. Put these tips into operation and weekly monitor your position in this network in searches for the keywords you have chosen.

Once you have optimized your profile we can move on to the next stage: use this tool to develop a professional network and then use LinkedIn as a marketing tool.

Do you have any other tips to share? Leave us your comments below.

And if you liked this note, share it on your social networks and thus help us spread the word.
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