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Direct marketing; what it is, types, advantages and examples

What is direct marketing?

We can define the direct marketing either direct marketing as that type of marketing that seeks to have an impact on a specific target in order to have a particular result.

Direct marketing is usually directed at consumers who have shown a prior interest in the services or products we offer.

Due to its easy segmentation and measurement capabilities, direct marketing becomes a highly effective type of marketing.

Among the most used formats we can find email marketing, re-marketing, postal mail, etc.

How does direct marketing work?

The main objective what we look for when we create a direct marketing strategy it is establish a lasting relationship with our clients through direct communication.

To do this, the first step we must take is to use the available data to properly segment potential customers. We can segment by location, age, gender, level of education, etc.

Once our target audience has been segmented, we must choose the one that best suits our offer.

Direct marketing is a truly powerful tool if you work with sense.

Thanks to its great capacity for segmentation, we can adjust our campaigns perfectly and choose our ideal client in each situation.

How to improve your direct marketing strategy

If you are starting with direct marketing or want to get better results with your campaigns, we leave you some tips with which we hope to help you;
Work and optimize your database
Your database is the backbone of your marketing campaigns.

It is of vital importance that you work on your database to continue increasing it and, of course, that you keep it updated and optimized to improve your results.
use different channels
Later we will talk about the different existing direct marketing channels, but for now, stay with the fact that you must diversify.

Through an omnichannel strategy, you will be able to approach your potential client at the right time.

Previously, you must know your ideal client well to choose the most appropriate channel.
test and optimize
Have you heard of the trial and error method? So you should get it working.

There is nothing better than testing your campaigns to see what is working best at all times and optimize your direct marketing strategy.

Just because a campaign works doesn't mean it can't be improved.

Direct marketing: mailing or not mailing?

The advertising it is something that surrounds us and is in our lives from the beginning of the day until it ends.

We find advertising inside our house, when we read the newspaper, on the marquees, the posters, the radio and even in the sky.

Our daily experience shows that there are hardly any places that have not become advertising media.

According to global technical studies, a person is exposed 3,000 times a day to all kinds of ads, which means more than a million hits a year, of which only 12% stay in their heads.

This causes users to feel approached by brands and saturated by the amount of information that reaches them and is not relevant to them, triggering just the opposite effect: a lot of information is ignored.

One of the challenges that the marketing and the advertising is therefore get to know customers betterwho are increasingly different from each other, buy for very different reasons, want to hear different things and have very different interests.

The company that closely knows all these variables will be able to make a effective advertisingwith a more personalized content and will send the information better.

Bearing in mind that the current trend is towards a more personalized advertisingmore and more companies are using direct marketing strategies.

These allow you to create personal communication with each client and maintain it over time thanks to the information management it performs, for example, through databases and contact channels for the recipient.

In this way, you can tailor offers and communications to the needs of narrowly defined segments.

Main channels for direct marketing

The direct marketing prioritizes the needs of the client and deals with offering a quick response. To do this, use means or direct contact systems.

This communication can take many different formats and, with the advent of the digital age, the number of channels to do so has increased. direct marketing actions such as emailing, mailing, telemarketing, QR codes...
email marketing
The email marketing It consists of the systematic sending of emails.

Sending interesting content that pleases or excites customers is essential if we want our emails to be read and not marked as "spam".

It is low cost and highly effective if you have a good database. In addition, the response is usually very fast.
Is he telephone contact with your potential clients to explain the services or products of the company.

Telephone communication allows immediate knowledge, in the same development of the conversation with the client, the results obtained.

You can also individually resolve the questions and objections raised by the client.
The main objective is to increase the sales of a product through coupons.

Couponing allows the interests of companies and customers to be combined, since on the one hand companies sell more and, on the other, customers buy at a discount.
The mailing is he direct marketing service par excellenceand it is that this type of communication campaigns allow reaching the homes of the entire target audience of a company or brand, in addition to attracting new customers who require a certain service or direct them to the point of sale.

In addition, thanks to the techniques of geomarketing and its tools, the consumer is better known.

This is due to the fact that many of their behaviors when buying are given by the area of ​​residence, the route chosen to go to the workplace, the culture of their neighborhood and their socioeconomic level or even the climate.

Taking all these circumstances into account is essential to achieve effective marketing and sell more.
Within the mailing, it consists of the distribution or sending of demonstrations or tests of products for free and promotional. It allows to publicize a product and shortens the period between the first contact and the purchase of the product
QR codes
They allow you to connect the offline world with the online world, being able to access additional content from a mobile device or tablet.

According to data provided by INFOADEX, in 2015 the estimated real investment in non-conventional media stood at 6,725.5 million euros, which represents a year-on-year growth in investment of 2.8%.

The one with the highest percentage is personalized emailing, which represents 29.7% of the total non-conventional media. Followed by ad spend phone marketingwhich in 2015 stood at 1,350.1 million euros, 1% more than in 2014. In third place would be the PLV (advertising at the point of sale)the products of merchandisesigns and labels, with a global growth of 9.4% and 1,521.4 million euros.

To finish, we would find the mailing and the brochureswhich represent an investment of 7.7% of the total non-conventional media.

Advantages of doing direct marketing

The advantage that this type of marketing offers us could be summarized in the following points:

✅ It is a much more personal technique that allows you to perform a concentrated action on a specific market or clientele. This allows you to target people who are highly interested in your products or services, making it more effective than other marketing techniques.

✅ If used with a physical format, you can put directly in the hands of the customer the message. And by using the right message, you can make it truly relevant and you can even incorporate elements that engage customers into other channels such as social media.

✅ There is total freedom to choose the moment in which we impact the public. Normally, it usually coincides with the launch of the product. In addition, it supposes a personal communication not interfered by any other advertising message.

✅ It is a method quick, easy and very cheap to reach your potential customers.

✅ Create fidelitysince by establishing relationships with the client we get to know them more deeply, which will allow us to be able to offer them what they really need.

✅ Allows you to create databases. It is necessary to collect certain and reliable information for the marketing action to be successful.

✅ Being campaigns aimed at different customer groups, creativity can be developed in many ways, this involves few problems in relation to the format, since all forms and styles are admitted, adapted to the media, being able to give free rein to the creativity and originality.


In the direct marketing techniques can be used on-line What offline and only by combining both in the best way will the desired effectiveness be achieved.

From the point of view of memory, the physical format seems to create memories more effectively, allowing it to reach the consumer, favoring brand recall and image construction.

Therefore, combining both channels is a omnichannel strategy It is usually the most appropriate, so all the aspects that surround the consumer can be covered, having a closer fluid and lasting relationship with him.

After all, people prefer to buy from companies they trust and have a mutually respectful relationship with.
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