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How Much Email Marketing is Beneficial for Our Business But we have never introduced here the basic concept of so-called mail marketing, email advertising, commercial email, etc.

That is why we are going to try to remedy the situation by explaining what email marketing is all about, its main characteristics and benefits, as well as the only disadvantage that we perceive.

email marketing concept

Email marketing consists of contacting our target audience through sending emails. This technique so widely used by brands includes newsletters and mailings, as well as a great strategy that guarantees the actions that are carried out.

What is email marketing for?

In these times, it is vitally important to contact our audience directly and email marketing has the advantage of being able to do it massively but personified.

For this reason, email marketing can become the best of your allies. Email marketing will help us increase sales and create a brand.

But we must keep something in mind, the only drawback of email marketing is that we must build a qualified database. And for this we have to know our users and probably more importantly, we must not bombard our users with offers or continuous messages.

Characteristics of email marketing

Why should we trust email marketing? Because:
It is the cheapest way
One of the main benefits of email marketing is that it requires little investment when compared to other commercial communication methods.

The cost will be reduced as we have a greater number of contacts in our database. In addition, today we have multiple tools to carry it out in an absolutely satisfactory and simple way. A perfect example is Mailchimp, since it allows us to send between 12,000 emails to about 2,000 contacts for free every month.

Now is the time to build your own database, get your own list of subscribers, design your strategy and set your goals. And hit it hard with email marketing!
It is easily accessible
Today, we can read emails from any device (PC, Tablet, mobile) and we must take advantage of this. This channel is perfect to access all our users.

Furthermore, according to recent studies, the vast majority of emails are read from mobile devices.

For this reason, it is super important to take care of the responsive design so that there is no problem when viewing our emails from any device. It is important that you know that email marketing tools have this functionality.
First of all, it is effective.
Email marketing has it allIt is not only cheap, but it is also very effective. It is much more effective than social networks. Therefore, it is the best tool since it provides a very high ROI. We must not forget that for this we must have a good well-defined strategy.

As we said before, the database must be qualified, in this way the results obtained will be of quality and better for our business.

We must try to get the vast majority to open our mail, which is why it is so important to have our database worked on, keep it up to date, do regular cleaning and get to know our users as much as possible. Quality is much more important than quantity, don't forget that.
highly customizable
This is probably the icing on the cake. This communication channel also offers us the possibility to personalize emails that we are going to send to our users. This is a very important point to take into account, since we must make the client feel special, unique.

Through Marketing Intelligence we can learn much more about our users and in this way carry out this step in a more accurate and professional way.

The name of the user to whom it is addressed and writing the content based on their preferences will be the two key points to succeed with the personalization of the mail. This will help our conversion rate rise exponentially.
The importance of measuring, another infallible point
It is another of the key benefits of email marketing, the speed when measuring the results obtained. The main tools to carry out email marketing, provide us with real-time reports of the campaigns sent.

As we already know, it is very important for our strategy to obtain results, but much more to know how and why they have been obtained. Through the data that we are collecting and analyzing them, we can make the right decisions.
A/B testing
This excellent way to compare the effectiveness of our emails basically consists of sending two types of emails with different content to find out which one gives better results.

In this way we can improve the results and determine which campaign is the one that works best with our users. It guarantees us to reduce costs per lead, optimize conversions and increase click and opening rates. In short, it will help us to get to know our users much better. Something vital to success.
Another advantage of email marketing that will allow us to save a lot of time. The vast majority of tools will allow us to automate all our campaigns. This feature makes this channel an even more profitable and effective tool. Don't waste time, automate.
It is 100% Interactive
In this 21st century we cannot afford to communicate merely with text, we must make the leap to the interactive world. There are multiple multimedia files (images, videos, gifs...) that we can use for this. In this way we will be able to interact with our users in a more original way and capture their attention more effectively.

Be careful not to saturate the messages, since we can achieve the opposite of our initial objective and distract the user's attention. So we will not reach our goals.
Perfectly complements social networks
We all know the importance of social networks, for this reason we must use them. Email marketing blends perfectly with them and we must make the most of it. We can integrate our social networks in the emails that we launch to our users.

In this way, we will allow them to share the campaigns on their social networks and reach a greater number of people for free. In this way, if we share relevant content, we will have a chance that our campaigns will become viral.
Increase traffic on your website
Last but not least, we are going to talk about another of the benefits of email marketing, attracting traffic to our website. To do this, we must try to make the opening rate as high as possible and for this we must take care of two fundamental premises: Take care of the subject of the message and overcome getting caught in the anti-spam filters.


In this note we have shown that email marketing is effective and it is easy to carry it out. Take advantage of the opportunity that new technologies offer us to be the one that best communicates with its users. Get to know them and meet the objectives you have set for yourself to achieve the success of your business.

Please leave us your comments below and, if this post was useful to you, do not hesitate to share it on your social networks.
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