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Is it worth investing time and effort in social networks? You are most likely wondering, should I invest time and effort in social media, or is it a waste of time? Do they really work? And most importantly, can it work for me?

If you're a freelancer with a small practice that generates $50K to $200K in sales each year, or whatever sum makes sense where you live; then those questions are valid, you don't have time to deal with practices that don't work.

To answer you I think this analogy could help.

Years ago I did a lot of networking and got some clients that way, but me and my clients noticed something quite disconcerting:

Most of the people at the networking events were sellers, not buyers (including us).

Everyone wanted to talk about their business, but few were interested in hearing about other people's businesses.

This is why a large percentage of my clients did not enjoy networking, because they did not get very good results.

If we fast-forward fifteen or twenty years into the future we see that live networks have now been largely superseded by online networks – more commonly called social media or social media.

But here too the situation is similar, there are more sellers than buyers.
Everyone tries to promote themselves on social media, but very few are tuned in to that promotion, let alone buying the services of those they promote.

One of the innovations of social networks are groups – mainly on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Groups are very popular, as members are people like you and me who are relatively easy to connect with.

But then the moderator of the group does not put controls and many people start posting promotional messages with links to articles, programs and web content. This is called "content spam."

Pretty soon, most posts are promotional. Everybody is selling and nobody is buying. Conversations slow down and few people are building relationships with other members in the group.

Here are some of my ideas. Although social media is not my main source of clients, here are some of the things that have worked for me.

7 Keys to Take Advantage of Social Networks

1. Don't expect to post on social media and have someone reach out to you, ready to do business
It does not work like that. It takes time, often a long time. Like any other marketing action, you have to build both visibility and value. So it is necessary to publish valuable things frequently. A post or two won't have any impact.

On the other hand, if you publish periodically, the matter changes. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
2. Spend more time contributing to others than promoting on social media.
Answer questions, offer resources, in some cases point them to an article (blog) on ​​your site that answers their question in more depth. In this way, your promotion is indirect and is more appreciated.

Also, point out other valuable resources, not just your own. But as I said before, don't do "spamming", where you do nothing but link to your own content.
3. Consider spending more time building an email list instead of getting a following on social media.
A report from consulting firm McKinsey showed that email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.

That means for every $1 spent on email marketing, it takes $40 to get the same results with social media. That should make you think!

Almost twenty years ago I realized how important email was and spent a lot of time and energy building my email list and sending out a weekly newsletter.

I build visibility and credibility with the newsletter and I don't use it much to promote or directly sell my services.

But when I want to promote a program or my coaching services, I send the promotions to my list and very few people object because of the value I have provided them for so long.

Now it only takes two or three promotional emails to attract enough customers to occupy my calendar for six to nine months.
4. Turn your email newsletter into a weekly blog post and then send the link to your social networks.
This gives me 100+ people coming to my blog each week who aren't on my email list and also gets people to sign up for the newsletter.
5. Use Facebook Groups to find resources and ideas.
This is how I mainly use the Wisdompreneurs group. If I'm looking for an idea, I just ask a question.

This sometimes results in good exchanges and new ideas that I can use. This isn't really marketing, but it sure makes a difference to me. Wisdompreneurs also has day a week to make promotions.
6. Ask for marketing connections in your groups.
For example, you may find that another group member recently gave a talk at a conference. Send that person a private message and see if they give you the contact to be able to give a conference in the future.

At Wisdompreneurs I learned that a member had been interviewed for a podcast. So I found the person who did the podcast and asked if they would like to interview me. And he did! And then I asked the group if they knew of other podcasts where he could be interviewed. And I have three more interviews.

These are excellent indirect ways to get exposure, grow your list and attract new customers.
7. If you really want to take advantage of social media to promote yourself, you need to learn more.
Some of these approaches are difficult. I recommend Social Media Examiner and Content Marketing Institute. They both have exceptional well-researched articles on social media and content marketing.

Ultimately, I found that for my business, social media marketing wasn't as important as sending emails to my list and occasionally doing speaking engagements, teleclasses, and webinars. Now I attract all the clients I need with much less work.

However, social media can be a useful addition to your marketing mix. But if you want to take it to the next level, like everything else, you need to study and work hard at it.

I'd love to hear any insight into how you've used social media to successfully attract new customers. Just post in the comments section below.
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