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Meet The Six Trends of Email Marketing in 2022 Email marketing or mass email sending seems like something from the past but it is more alive than ever. In this article, we will tell you all the trends 2019 of email marketing.

Professional mailing applications are not afraid of technology and are committed to renewing themselves year after year to offer better tools that facilitate the work of companies such as predictive mailing, direct mobile sales, better statistics and more personalized messages.

Email marketing: Six trends for 2022

1) Hyper personalization of content
With the large amount of data that can be obtained after analyzing users, it will be easier and easier customize message content to achieve the success you seek.

In addition to knowing the name and its origin, which allows you to segment each campaign, with professional applications you will obtain data that allows you to know the behavior of the client and their preferences.

By collecting all the information from previous campaigns, use that advantage and anticipate what is coming. If you know what they bought every time you sent them a product through a video, repeat the action in future campaigns.
2) Predictive shipping
Artificial intelligence is no longer the future but is already part of our daily lives in various aspects and email marketing is not far behind. Many companies are applying artificial intelligence in search of increasingly precise results to increase the success of campaigns.

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Because not only is the personalized content of a message important, but so is the delivery time. It is possible that if you receive an email when you are already lying down to sleep, you will not give it importance and discard it.

The predictive shipping offered by professional mailing applications is one of the main novelties of this 2019. With the new algorithm based on artificial intelligence, you can discover what is the ideal time to send an email to each usertaking into account the time, geographical location or previously analyzed data on their behavior.

With this new feature, the bounce rate will go down and the deliverability rate of the message will increase a lot. Not only that, but there will also be more possibilities for the client to interact with the received content: if you receive an email at dawn, you will probably delete it unless it is something you are really expecting.

If you receive it at a time when you usually check emails, the chances that you will read it will be much greater and you will significantly increase the performance of your campaigns by benefiting from the behavioral data of all recipients.
3) Cheer up to buy by mobile
The mobile ceased to be that device that was used only to communicate via calls. Tech companies are adding more and more features to it, and customers are relying on it more and more.

Email marketing is one of the communication tools that will take advantage of this confidence that the mobile generates in people. Historically, the purchase of a product or service was done through the desktop computer.

But in recent years, more and more people buy with the mobile. One of the 2019 trends is the growth of mobile sales, which will also increase in the number of products, since there will be more users who will purchase expensive products, such as a plane flight. People trust this device, now you have to get them to trust your company.

Professional apps help make this happen and give you the ability to create landing pages that are responsive. The web pages dedicated exclusively to displaying more information adapt to both computer and mobile screens, so you will not need to create different designs.
4) Multi-channel campaign
Who would have thought that in 2019 a person would continue to carry out email marketing campaigns and massive SMS? But they are still being done, and together. Both are very effective tools for digital marketing and with the new features offered by professional applications, you can now use both platforms in the same campaign.

Although an SMS campaign is more expensive and somewhat limited compared to an email marketing campaign, it is a great complement due to its great deliverability. We are increasingly used to looking at the phone constantly, whether at leisure or at work. This helps the delivery and opening rate is very high: approximately 90% of the messages are read in the first 3 hours after sending.

In addition, it is a channel that hardly produces spam, which means that the rate of bounced messages is practically zero, unlike email marketing, which, if not used well, will receive many bounces.

Both campaigns have their advantages and disadvantages, but combined they can be very successful. The creative and attractive message of the mailing added to the deliverability and opening rate of the massive SMS are a great complement for a multichannel campaign.

One of the great benefits of email marketing is its ability to connect with your customers in a simple, fast and practical way. With an unbeatable deliverability rate, a text message can be the bridge between your business and your customers.
5) Brand loyalty
Although the main objective of an email marketing campaign is to communicate directly to promote a message to a group of users with the intention of attracting new customers, it is very common these days that many campaigns are carried out to build customer loyalty.

With the competitiveness and offer that exists within the world of digital marketing, it is important to achieve customer loyalty and for that it is no longer enough to just offer good promotions and companies are increasingly aiming at the humanization of the brand.

While in another era, a good offer could be enough to attract potential customers, today the competition has increased a lot and companies have to find a way to differentiate themselves. For that, you must loyalty and strengthen the relationship with customersthat they should feel related and emotionally connected with what you offer.

In this 2019, many brands began to talk about the unique things they have, with values ​​and principles that make them a company different from the rest. In this way, they seek to make customers feel identified with them and continue buying their products.

It is a good time to use the Pull strategy before the Push, since consumers no longer support aggressive sales but choose more carefully who they buy from, taking into account the factors mentioned. They want to be part of the brand, to have a closer relationship and that is what companies should take advantage of.
6) Eye Tracking
Many of the new features of professional email marketing applications go hand in hand with the statistics that can be collected at the end of a campaign.

Analyzing user behavior gives you the opportunity to improve issues that have not been as successful as expected and not repeat mistakes from previous campaigns. New technologies provide more and more tools to obtain data that help you reduce that margin of error.

One of the most innovative techniques is Eye Tracking, which allows obtaining data on the details that the eye observes: the path of the gaze, how long it looked at a space and how it responds to certain stimuli.

The function of this technique in email marketing is to tell you what your users are looking at so that you know where you should put your most important elements to achieve the objective and optimize your campaign.


Email marketing continues to be one of the most used direct communication techniques by companies today. Neither Facebook nor Twitter can beat mailing, which in addition to the little investment it requires, is more profitable than social networks.

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